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How Twisted Trees is Profiting During a Crypto Winter

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 23 Jul 2022

WAGMI, or in layman's terms: We Are Gonna Make It!

First off, no one can pretend that they make all the right decisions. We do the best we can. Yet, I am the type that gets excited in a down market. Whether you are in real estate, stock trading, or crypto, we all know that serious wealth can be built when you can get in at lower positions and hold while it rises. This summer has been a strange one for me though. On the surface, our timing seems pretty bad. Yet, we are already making a profit!

I have been working on an NFT project for more than 8 months—planning, creating art, spending time in other projects to learn the nuances of the industry, assembling a team, and then launching to the public back in April. In some ways, my timing could not have been worse. This was when the market was seriously slowing down. We originally planned to have our big mint in June. Then we put it off until July. Now we are aiming for August. Furthermore, when we look around at the rest of the NFT space, we are finding that some of the most successful projects of the summer have been free mints, with the creators and community hoping for a lot of secondary sales. Needless to say, most of these free mints are not doing well and the ones that are, seem to only have short-term success. Since our project is about investing funds and earning income, free mints do not sound very attractive. 

Had we been on a timeline that was even 3 months earlier, we would have probably quickly sold out the project. However, that is not the current space. Many of the best projects are taking months to sell out now. Some are even throwing in the towel and moving on. Yet, there is still a very strong support level built by diamond handed holders in the NFT space. These people are patient, content, and positioning themselves for the next bull market.

We ended up creating a couple of small genesis collections that did quite well, especially considering the current market. Our first genesis did 3.4 Ether in volume and our second one is almost sold out as of the time of this publication. We are setting aside a nice bag to invest for our community. We are looking at an 8-10% gain by investing in a safe exchange. These profits will go right back to the holders in the form of crypto rewards.


There is a second way we are going to profit. Our first 40 or so NFT sales came when Ethereum was between $1000 and $1100. Once it peaked at $1600, we took that Ether and stuck in in USDT for a short-term hold. The funds are safe. We are patient. No one in the community is listing their NFTs for sale. They know that profit is coming. We will eventually swap these funds back into Ethereum, once it pulls back again, and ride the wave up. Then our community holders will earn crypto rewards. When the big collection is launched, the real fun will begin with 3333 NFTs being traded on Open Sea.

Whether you are in to NFTs or not, the principles are really the same—buy low, sell high. Invest in secure, trustworthy communities. Invest in something that you enjoy or believe in. Only invest what you are willing to lose, but be confident, nonetheless. The last crypto winter is when many of the crypto millionaires were made. They invested. They waited. The profited greatly while many of the rest of us were just getting on the train.

If you have ever considered getting into the NFT space, I sincerely believe that now is a great time. The space is poised to ride the wave up when the next bulls begin their march. This time last year, the best NFT projects were outperforming the best crypto projects by a wide margin. We are getting ready to repeat that historical pattern.

We have a friendly community that can help you in your journey, should you choose to join us.
Our theme is trees. We call them Twisted Trees. We have a lot of utility just for holding. Our big mint is coming in August.


Check the links below. If you have questions, tag one of our mods or tag me. My name in Discord is ArtLynx.

Be safe, DYOR, and don’t get left behind! We Are Gonna Make It!

The Lynx

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