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Cyborg 86 opened their public mint last night at 8:00p.m. EST and sold out in four minutes. Their mint price was .16. Their floor price is now around 3x that amount. They shot up the rankings of Open Sea and are already in the top 75 projects in total historic trade volume just 24 hours after the mint completed. But you are not too late to join. The party is just beginning.

So, what is next?

Some projects build community for months before they mint. Others, with bigger budgets, usually only have a few weeks to build their community. This can be a two-edged sword. Why? Because when a project grows too quickly, it does not always have the stamina to stay on track. That is how I see the Adidas NFT. It exploded in 24 hours, and the floor price has barely changed in weeks since the mint. However, the Cyborg 86 project is different. It has a long-term vision, plan, and roadmap that is community-oriented.

Here are some of the highlights of their roadmap:


They are planning on some relatively big investments, but these are still obscure at the moment. They may include real estate, investments in new projects (NFT?), and much more.


They will sponsor global events in places like Miami, Florida, one of the NFT epicenters of the world. How do you get invited? You own a CYBORG 86 and get involved in their community on Discord.


Their roadmap makes it clear that one of their goals is stay involved in charitable causes, especially ones that focus on childhood poverty and illness. They were distributing Christmas present to kids in the Ivory Coast 2 weeks before they sold their first NFT.

BRANDING, SPONSORSHIPS, and MORE is planned to help continue to make Cyborg 86 a blue chip NFT project.


This is a democratic system in which Cyborg holders will be able to vote on various details of the project throughout the course of its history.


Each CYBORG 86 NFT will have unique traits. The project will reward holders at various times and in unique ways with this fund. This is great foresight. Most projects focus only on rare traits, which make a select few NFTs have the highest value. This will make holding any Cyborg NFT special and more profitable.


According to the roadmap, “This information is confidential for now. All I can share with you is that our team is currently conceptualizing our own P2E Game.” A play to earn game is a great way to ensure long-term stability and value of a project.

These are just a few of the exciting details on their roadmap. Of course, DYOR and always weigh the risk of any investment. I can tell you this, the floor price is still low compared to where it will likely go. It will likely fluctuate over the coming days (as is typical right after a mint) so if you are in a position to pick one up off the floor, you should be watching closely.

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