Erotic Fiction & Quality Stories Are Not Mutually-Exclusive

By Wynqarrin | Runesrealms | 12 May 2022

 I write erotic fiction, and I'm as proud of that as is proper as it's not that simple a thing, despite what some think.

 First, I studied a lot of random samples of erotic fiction and found a 'sameness' across the entire market. With that in mind, I set my sails for a different course, mindful off the Sargasso Sea of 'predictability' in regards to characters, plot, storyline and details.

 My works have characters that stand out. They're not just grabbed off stereotypes, I take time to build them, figure out who they are as People.

 That makes handling the story easier and allows much greater freedom and latitude as then you have a reminder about the complexity of Human emotions and responses to given situations.

Then I threw out every trope and stereotype that popped up. YES a sexually-submissive woman in a BDSM Lifestyle relationship/marriage can be every bit as capable as otherwise. Factor in an interstellar setting and things get very interesting and fun when gunfire starts up.

 In my DARKER STARS series, the kick-off book 'TYPHONYR' (Mis-spelled as 'TYPHONR' by the publisher due to MY error when sending in the manuscript due to failing eyesight) has two women that one would underestimate at one's very great peril. They're smart, capable, intelligent with good senses of humor and very adept at handling practical matters be they mundane or in a roaring gunfight aboard a derelict starliner.

 Another upcoming story has a twist on an abduction, one that will surprise some folks, enrage others, but it's also entirely based off things seen on the blame the world, I'm just using the info and events available.

 I keep the foul language down to a minimum because when I have a character swear, i want there to be some 'punch' to it, so as to suit the gravity/severity of the situation.

 I DO NOT EVER project myself into the story. NOT EVER. I experimented with it, just to see...and it ended up showing me that it's not something I should play with, my mind tends to start chasing it's tail and then things get all circular without my really being aware of it...and it just does not work for me at all.

 I include some surprising real-world Plausible tech in my works. Hopefully, some day someone will read these books who sees the tech info and a sparks lights between their ears. I'm NOT shy with such, but such also supports the story world, it doesn't overshadow it...'s erotic fiction, not a technical manual after all.
 That said, an upcoming story of mine does have a pretty deep look into the world's tech through the eyes of a character who's being exposed to it for the first time.

 Tech that has enough description for an Engineer to grab onto and work-up from. 😉👍😊

 Crypto does feature in my stories, especially the Cyberpunk genre ones.
 One is in submission to Asimov's and the other will be published through Lot's Cave. The stories DO connect and if Asimov's chooses not to publish the one I sent, I will publish it through Lot's Cave with a slight tweak to ensure the reader knows which story comes first. The Cyberpunk genre stories are not overly erotic. 

 Apart from descriptions of the main female and a secondary female character it doesn't get overly spicy, about what you could see on post-prime time tv on some channels.

 Links to my current works are below.

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