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The Latest Highlights Of The Cryptocurrency Market On Our Telegram Channel

By Rubikkav | Rubikkav Insights | 24 Apr 2020

Stellar really wants to go to the moon and surprised us with his detachments after the last update we had. Who opened a long position has approximately more than 30% profit with 10x would be 300%. That is surprising. Congratulations! 🥳🥳🥳🥳.


With this, we reiterate that sometimes we cannot send the automatic signals, but our studies are an initial starting point to make an excellent decision. ✌🏻

On the other hand, and at the current point of $0.063929 it is trying to break 38% of the Fibonacci retraction line, but the MA300 behaves like a strong resistance. At this point we believe wave 3 will end. We will be looking at the possibility of taking advantage of wave 4 and opening a short.

The Dragon Woke Up

The dragon 🐲 woke up strongly today. Break of the EMA50 on the daily chart and touch of the EMA100 creating wave B. With this we already have 50% 🤑 profit in our premium trading room.


If the close of the daily chart breaks the EMA100 above the price of $7555.36, we open declared war and win the battle.

The Recovering Economy

SPX SPX500 continues its recovery trend and is now staying at the 50% Fibonacci retraction line at 2810.8. For us a new cycle of Elliot 12345 waves began on the daily chart.


We see an excellent recovery in the economy in a few.

Two Hundred Billion Is A Good Point

At two hundred million dollars, the cryptocurrency market is once again concentrated at a good point within total capitalization. That really is a good starting point.


We believe that after the expiration of most of the options market contracts, now what comes is profit.

Difficulty Improving

New Bitcoin mining difficulty (+8.45%). Reward halving estimated in 19 days.


For now we see excellent expectations for Halving.

These and other stories can be received quickly on our Telegram channel.

See you next time.

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