Enjoy Your Coupon Voucher Discount For Your Lifetime Membership

By Rubikkav | Rubikkav Insights | 4 May 2021

Hey enjoy! Use 3pyvqz6e as voucher code a get your lifetime membership with 50% off👇🏻



How to apply this code " 3pyvqz6e " in the act of purchase?

1. Login to our platform here https://rubikkav.com/login/.

2. Go to the page https://rubikkav.com/subscription-plans/ and choose the lifetime plan and follow the next steps.

3. At the time of payment or in the shopping cart https://rubikkav.com/cart/ - https://rubikkav.com/checkout/ you can apply the coupon code as shown in the attached image.

4. After applying the coupon, simply follow the steps to make the payment via Coinbase by selecting your favorite cryptocurrency.

5. Once the payment has been made, just wait for our administrative confirmations. - This coupon expires May 10, 2021. So take advantage of it right now.

Any question please leave to @rubikkav on Telegram.

If you want a trial option only join to our free community here https://t.me/rubikkavcommunity.

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