Weekly Cryptocurrency Market And Bitcoin Shark Moon Review
Weekly Cryptocurrency Market And Bitcoin Shark Moon Review

By Rubika Ventures® | rubikaventures | 13 Jan 2020

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Officially Launched Options Market

Exactly! This is historical! Finally, the options market for Bitcoin is officially launched by the CME. The Binance-backed derivatives exchange FTX and Okex Exchange are also included in this set of institutions.


The good thing about the case is that in previous days, the interest in negotiating future contracts within the CME has increased considerably. In one of our previous reports we had already said that as of 2020 the futures market would be the fashion within this market and these latest facts are proving this theory.


On the Bakkt side, the volume of negotiations and the interest on the part of the investors is neutral.


In particular, we must announce in beta that we in Rubika Ventures are already preparing everything to offer negotiations and trade signals for the options market. Then do not miss the opportunity to join into the best trader community in the market.

A Confusing Week

For this week and seeing the weekly chart, Bitcoin shows strong signs of staying in a neutral trend but in favor of buyers. Previously, the price closed breaking the resistance of the EMA21 and one of the main downward trend lines, well above the $ 8455. Now try to stay on the channel made by the EMA21, the EMAs (50.9) at $7869.

We are just a few weeks away from knowing the real direction that the market will take based on the next crossing of the moving averages in the MACD indicator. The nuetral position is basically shown with the RSI with 48 points, which does not show an exact direction of a downward or upward trend.


For now we are trying to break the maximum of the 60% zone of Fibonacci retraction. But the big challenge is that the accumulation of the ichimoku cloud at the exact point of the $8550 is showing great resistance and is already showing signs of divergence towards a possible downtrend.

In previous reports we have said that so far our starting point for the true high trend is around $6960 approximately. A basic point of interception between the main low trend line and the high trend line that has been respected since 2017.

The Son goes Up And Down

For daily operations, Bitcoin remains in a strong resistance zone between the price range from $7771 and $8163. For this beginning of the week, in the daily chart we see a flag with a tendency to be bullish with the correction of Elliot ABC that converges with the last waves of correction made days ago.

For us, wave 5 is not over yet, bone has not been invalidated at all. We also continue testing another of the important downward trend lines.

We identified a strong resistance at approximately $8210 with a support made by the EMAs (100,9,200) at the exact point of approximately $7942. Another strong resistance is being limited by the accumulation of the ichimoku cloud at the point of $8433.


Next supports are in the points: (a) $7743, limited in the resistance zone of which we have been speaking; (b) $7771, raised by the crossing of the EMA21 with the EMA50; (c) $7540, raised by the EMA300; (d) $7285; (e) $7286; (f) $ 6945; and (g) $6610, limited by the 78% line of Fibonacci retraction, and considered the most important support.

RSI with 58 points continues in correction trend but with a neutral sense. The big challenge we have is the particularity of the MACD, which in the next few days we will see a crossing of means that will tell exactly the real direction that the price will go.

Crypto Netflix Series Will Continue


So is! Our beloved Crypto Netflix will continue for the next few days. Then stay alert to the next chapters. For now in case you have lost any, we invite you to read them here:

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