The Most Insane Cryptocurrency News & Stats For This Week

The Most Insane Cryptocurrency News & Stats For This Week

By Rubikav® | Rubikav | 16 Sep 2019

The worst weapon that the cryptocurrency market has to kill boredom of traders and investors is the low trading volume in the main exchanges in the world.


That really makes us feel losers. And we know that exactly that is the feeling that you are feeling right now. For this reason, we want to fill you with joy with the best that happened in the market during the week.

Coinme Raises New Funding From Ripple

Coinme, which provides kiosks and ATMs for digital currencies, raised $1.5 million in a Series A-1 financing round that included Ripple’s subsidiary Xpring and Blockchain Finance Fund, according to coindesk.


Proceeds from the funding will be used for additional licensing to expand its U.S. and international coverage.


On the other hand there were rumors that MoneyGram is developing a new card for p2p payments and apparently ripple is in the middle of that project.

The truth is that even ripple remains the most hated currency by traders. Even when good news comes out, the feeling seems sad.

Venezuela A Few Overcomes Its Crisis

We know very well that within the cryptoactive market the country that is most named is Venezuela. What most attracts attention is how the volume of adoration grows every day.


And we say adoration for the fact of changing a paper inflated by a digital asset.

The good news is that they have finally Venezuela may have its first Bitcoin ATM. Congratulations!!

Bitcoin ETFs Are Making Progress

In terms of regulation, the Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that are scheduled to be approved or do not seem to start shaping.


Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton said that agency is closer to approving a cryptocurrency ETF that would let retail investors invest in bitcoin through mainstream brokerage accounts.

Hacker Fashion Is In Fashion

Unfortunately we must laugh at how hackers are having a party in the market. It seems that the profession became very fashionable in recent months. Now the turn was for the EOS network.


After an attacker used an ongoing exploit on EOS network to win every roll on a gambling dapp, the network has been frozen. So far, the attacker has managed to steal more than $110,000 worth of EOS. 😂

Sorry EOS, Bitcoin continues to be our king and stronger daddy.

On the other hand, the AirSwap team has discovered a critical vulnerability in a new smart contract.


As posted in the oficial blog, on September 12th, the internal security review processes identified a potential exploit in a newly released mainnet AirSwap smart contract.

The vulnerability would allow an attacker, under certain conditions, to perform a swap without requiring a signature from a counter party.

Bitcoin Mining High

The 296th Bitcoin mining period has started with block 594,720.


New difficulty: 11,890,594,958,796 (+10.38%).

Binance Enters The Indonesian Market

Binance will list Rupiah token, the first non-USD Stablecoin on the 16th of September.


The listing of Rupiah on Binance DEX will allow Indonesian traders to trade directly on Binance DEX in Rupiah denomination.


Only the IDRTB/BNB pair will be available. Binance plans to launch more trading pairs in the coming weeks.

To celebrate the occasion, the Rupiah platform will hold a trading minigame competition with a total prize of 11,000,000 IDRTB. The winners of this will be announced on their blog and telegram channel.

Tether Remains As A Market Leader


Tether remains as a market leader between stable coins with market dominance 81.14%.

Dash (DASH) Will Be Launch On Coinbase Pro

On Monday September 16, 2019Coinbase Pro will begin accepting inbound transfers of DASH to Coinbase Pro. They will accept deposits for at least 12 hours prior to enabling full trading.


Trading will begin on or after 9AM Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, September 17, if liquidity conditions are met.

Blockchain Technology market In The Aerospace

And finally, this curious fact may arouse interest in supporting the blockchain projects of the air industry.

According to a market research report published on June 13 by Reportlinker, the blockchain technology market in the aerospace as well as auto industries will grow to $20 billion by the year 2029.


The analysis conducted by the firm forecasts that applications of the technology will grow at a compounded annual rate of 60.35% for the next 10 years.

A Small Score

We know it is the end. But calm we will bring you the second part in the next few days. Maybe Monday morning.


Then stay with us and until the next story.

With Love, Rubikators Team.

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