The free and decentralized philosophy #SwitchToBrave
The free and decentralized philosophy #SwitchToBrave

By Rubika Ventures® | rubikaventures | 15 Aug 2019

Looking for a more clear collaborative World Wide Web

The last time that Alicia entered the wonderland, it was in the year when things began to connect and the global barriers to social communication were being minor.

That day, and for the first time, she cried with happiness when she sent an e-mail message to the bulging-eyed cat and who arrived faster than the coffee time.


Since then, the ads on the pages was not a complete problem.

The truth is that with the evolution of the virtual world, waste was being promoted. Over time, Alice navigated the magic pages with all kinds of ships. Until then, and after much searching, the last one he used was the circle with three colors. See didn’t complain much, at least towards what it promised.

One day, she met the king of cryptocurrencies. At his side was his son, who according to the king, he would be responsible for making a virtual life clearer, decentralized and more collaborative. He would have the mission of ending all cyber crap.

The son’s king was strong, neat and fast like a lion, but very hated by the three-color joker, whom Alicia had seen for the last time scorching the latest social networks created. — His name is Brave — the king told to Alice.


Years later, Alicia was surprised to learn of the King’s death. But his sadness became joy when he saw how his son’s kingdom had grown more than 1200%. Mass adoption had begun and the philosophy of a freer and more honest world wide web was being heard by more and more people around the galaxies.

With Brave, people were getting a fairer and more collaborative economy. The best content production and what they liked the most, were the monthly cryptocurrency rewards they received each week.

Alicia loved this so much that after falling in love with Brave, she ended up marrying him. And the wedding was held on with zero annoying ads and virtual data cakes.

Moral of the story:

With the advancement of technologies, we can see that for the last years the philosophy of having a cleaner, decentralized and more collaborative website has been fulfilled as expected.

#SwitchToBrave is the first step to it...


Finally, and after many years we have a super lion that ensures us to have a less mess in our web browsing and with the possibility of having token rewards for each ad blocked. Even recent statistics show that.

So do not wait any longer and take the first step. #SwitchToBrave.


Disclaimer: In no way does this article recommend the purchase of any assets, this is a personal opinion of the author. Investment in crypto-currency is extremely risky and volatile. Also, if you are an investor, always do your own research before investing in anything!

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Rubika Ventures®

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