The Dirty Bitcoin Gangsters Operation For The Next Days

The Dirty Bitcoin Gangsters Operation For The Next Days

By Rubikav | Rubikav | 28 Dec 2019

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Our Great Challenge

This time our game will be different! 🔥 It will go in favor of 🐻🐋. Future Bitcoin CME Contracts will expire and we know very well what your strategy is. Also in the daily chart we will lose wave 1 to take advantage of the correction wave 2 and thus obtain excellent gains the next few days.


In the hourly chart the EMA200 is behaving as a strong resistance around $7388 and $7420. Another strong resistance is the EMA300 very close to $7885.


On the side of the supports, we do not have a strong support with which the price is maintained. Soon we will be sending the official signal! ✌🏻

The Real Game

Our wave c in the daily chart ended very close to $7010 and with it a new cycle of Elliot waves began. Actually with the price reversal, Bitcoin is forming a wave 1, which could end up very close to $7410 due to the very strong resistance that Tenkan-Sen (Conversion Line) of the Ichimoku cloud indicator is pointing at. We also see that I could try to test again with that wave, the breaking of one of the main downward trend lines that comes from the maximum historical Bitcoin price.


It is really the loss of strength at that point that we are going to take advantage of to obtain excellent profits. So good luck!

We remember that a strong resistance is pointed out by the EMA50 in the daily chart very close to $7620 and the other pointed by the EMA300 at $7488.

Market Showing Weakness

It is expected that this last week of the year the total market capitalization will remain between the range of $188 billion dollars and $ 200 billion dollars.


What we can really say with this is that the market is losing strength and the gangsters in these last days are very quiet and the trades are very smiling. But it doesn’t take long for the game to be another.


In relation to market dominance, Bitcoin maintains 70% compared to the other cryptocurrencies. But it is expected that in the next few days it will fall a little.


We still can’t talk about the future but what you do know is that before halving everything can happen and it is important to be very alert.

Our Real 2020 Wishes

With all the fear, anguish and drama that the cryptocurrency market presents to us, we want to wish you with this last edition of the year a blessed new year. We really want you to have 360 new opportunities and more than 2020% of earnings next year.

Remember 2020 will be the first significant year for all financial markets. It will be the year of the beginning of the new bull run that everyone is waiting for.

With all our best and last lesson we learned during the last months is that we really must stop being holders and we must learn to be professional traders. And the latter will be some of the main approaches we will be working on. We want to train future professional traders for the cryptocurrency market generating excellent profits with quality.

Then join this initiative now! Ah! and remember Enjin will be the best platform in the world to develop video games in the coming years, so don’t forget to place some coins in your personal investment portfolio. “He is in control of all things”.

See you next year with more stories! With love 💛 Rubika Ventures Team.

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