Some outstanding news and stats for the cryptocurrency market

Some outstanding news and stats for the cryptocurrency market

By Rubikav® | Rubikav | 23 Aug 2019

Today was a day full of information. Many of the projects, companies, institutions and the main magazine published important news for the market. But here we tell you those that were outstanding.

NEO Foundation Ltd. and gumi Cryptos Inc. Strike a Strategic Partnership Agreement to Promote the Japanese Blockchain Industry

NEO Foundation Ltd. and gumi Crypto Inc., the consolidated subsidiary of gumi Inc., entered into a strategic partnership agreement to provide Japanese market entry support for NEO, a decentralized public blockchain platform based in China as says oficial news.


NEO and gumi Cryptos will promote the Japanese blockchain market by pushing forward technological advancements and new applications.

Coinbase Now Allows You to Access Dapps on Desktop Browsers

Coinbase Wallet users can use their favorite decentralized apps (dapps) on any desktop browser with Coinbase Wallet’s WalletLink as say the news in and


WalletLink acts as a secure bridge between your Coinbase Wallet app and your desktop browser.

CME CF Bitcoin and Ether-Dollar pricing indices will include transactions from Gemini

Remember Gemini will oin to CME CF Crypto Price Indices. The data will be starting August 30 at 10:30am CT.

It will be the 5th constituent exchange for the Bitcoin pricing indices and the 4th for the Ether-dollar pricing indices.

The DAI collateralization level is at its lowest level in six months

Watching Maker / DAI as ether sells off & erases most of its gains,+40% currently, according to the skew report.

The DAI collateralization level is at its lowest level in six months ~ 325% — not an alarming level in absolute value but mostly a function of the ether price! says the report.


The report also highlights that more than 50% of DAI could be liquidated if ETH sells off to 100$; Worth noting the Coinbase effect on the # of CDPs since the Earn program started; and not creating inflows however of ether in Maker.

Tether to Issue Stablecoin Backed by Yuan in Belgian Bank: Insider

Tether is planning to issue a stablecoin pegged to the Chinese renminbi, according to a trader with ties to the company as reported


Cardano’s venture arm partners with Korean trade associations to drive adoption

Cardano’s official commercial and venture arm, Emurgo, signed a memorandum of understanding with two government-approved trade associations in Korea.


The partnerships will focus on implementing Cardano for Korean digital content and mobile gaming as reported

Disclaimer: In no way does this article recommend the purchase of any assets, this is a personal opinion of the author. Investment in crypto-currency is extremely risky and volatile. Also, if you are an investor, always do your own research before investing in anything!

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