Premium Technical Analysis Cryptocurrency Market Giants War Two

Premium Technical Analysis Cryptocurrency Market Giants War Two

By Rubikav® | Rubikav | 11 Jan 2020

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Crypto Netflix Serie Star

Hi Rubikators! As you know, we are doing a Crypto Netflix Series for the top 10 of the main cryptocurrencies on the market.


In the previous chapter we had shown you the daily analysis for Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash assets. For today we bring you the daily technical analysis for Litecoin, EOS and Binance Coin assets. Enjoy it!

The Asset That Almost Died

Litecoin after halving in 2019 had a sharp decline in relation to supply and demand prices. He is now positioning himself at around $49 when this article was written and it is trying to recover with a new high trend and a new Elliot wave cycle. Currently, and doing a previous count, we can suggest the formation of a wave of expansion number 5.

In the daily chart, the RSI with 62 points begins to show input signals in the overbought zone and the MACD still indicates high trend without prior correction.


On the other hand, the price tries to break the 78% Fibonacci retraction zone line, which is an important resistance to overcome. At this point also and to improve the high trend we must overcome the EMA100 around $51.31, and in turn the crossing of the Ichimoku Cloud accumulation, which for now is in favor of sellers and bears, and very high from the point of $54.31.

Days ago, the crossing of the EMA9 with the EMA50 was indicated indicating the buy point at $45.90. With this we have important supports at 44.71, $39.52 and $37.17.

The Most Backward Project

With the breakdown of the EMA100 and one of the low trend lines of the low channel, at approximately $2.98 on the daily chart, EOS continues with the formation of what could possibly be an impulsive wave of Elliot number one, according to our vision, which so far remains around $3.0786.

MACD continues to show the high trend without reversal change and with the RSI at 62 we can intuit that the price begins to enter the overbought zone.


With the price breaking the accumulation of the Ichimoku Cloud in favor of buyers, we can confirm the trend reversal, which, in our view, can reach the touch of the EMA200 at the point of $3.35 and if the Buying force behaving in an extreme way could come to touch another of the low trend lines of the low channel since the last reversal trend in favor of sellers.

Important supports, in addition to the EMA100 at the $2.98 point, we have the point with the EMAs (21,9,50) between $2.72 and 2.79. Other lower supports are found at $2,424 and 2,209. The great challenge that this asset has is to be well below the 70% Fibonacci retraction line. This means that there is still a long way to go.

Most Loved Asset For All

Binance Chain or Binance Coin currently struggles to stay at $15.26, after the break of the EMA50 and the exact point of the $14.98 on the daily chart. Making a count of Elliot waves, in our vision, the price is making a wave 1, which could be breaking one of the downward trend lines created by one of our Gann Angles since the last downward trend.

RSI with 60 points still shows signs of neutrality and the MACD with no indication of trend reversal as well. The big challenge is to be in the region between 23% and 30% of the Fibonacci retraction lines. Overcoming this last barrier we observe that there is always a strong sales area.


Important resistances: $16.66, noted by the EMA100; $17.80, listed by the EMA500; and $18.75, made by a small cross between the EMA200 and EMA300.

Important supports: $14.98, applying for the EMA50, as we had said before; $14.35, made by the EMAs (21,9); $13.30, made by 38% of the Fibonacci retraction line; and $12.38.

With that, we just want to extend the invitation for us to build a new decade in this market with many successes and good profits.

Last Results — December 2019

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