Premium Technical Analysis Crypto Market Series Update
Premium Technical Analysis Crypto Market Series Update

By Rubika Ventures | rubikaventures | 19 Jan 2020

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Bitcoin Wanting To Go To Space

From our vision and looking at the daily Bitcoin chart, it is clear that Elliot’s number five wave is not over yet and Bitcoin is currently trying to break through one of the most important lines of the low channel.


If the buying force continues strong, we can be testing in the next few days the 61% line of Fibonacci retraction at approximately $9293, which would be an extremely strong resistance. As well as $10020, where we believe it may be the end for bulls or not. Most of the indicators show that the price is in the overbought zone.

Ethereum At One Critical Point

Ethereum on the daily chart with the price at approximately $177.4 is trying to break the EMA300 hard within a wave 5 of Elliot, which stops technical effects is considered to be extremely strong resistance.


Indicators shows the price in the zone of over purchase. Important, also, remember that the important media is at $154 and $143.

Ripple Breaking Barriers

Ripple is currently being supported by the EMA100 on the daily chart at $0.233 and is trying to break the $0.245 resistance (ichimoku resistance line), within an Elliot wave according to our vision. On the other hand there is a higher resistance at $0.2663 (EMA200).


Indicators shows that the price is in an overbought zone. With that we must remember that the most important supports are found at $0.227, $0.217 and $0.2.

Bitcoin Cash In The Target

Bitcoin Cash on the daily chart is in what would be the finish of wave 5 of Elliot and staying at the resistance of approximately $342.97, in the line of 38% of the Fibonacci retraction. Indicators show that the price remains in the overbought zone.


On the other hand, we must not forget that the most important supports are at $296.40 (50% of the Fibonacci retraction) and $244.16 (61% of the Fibonacci retraction, along with the crossing of the EMA100 with the EMA50).

Thicc Love — Episode 4 | Bitcoin and Friends

Our bonus for today is the fourth episode of the favorite market series. Enjoy it

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With that, we just want to extend the invitation for us to build a new decade in this market with many successes and good profits.

See you next chapters of the series! With love 💛 Rubika Ventures Team!

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