Practical Publish0xTutorials To Become a Super Crypto Millionaire Star Writer

Practical Publish0xTutorials To Become a Super Crypto Millionaire Star Writer

By Rubikav® | Rubikav | 6 Feb 2020

We will confess you some truths before continuing reading this article. If you came here with the aim of knowing how to register within Publish0x, how to make donations and earn free crypto for reading, or how to create a blog or something similar, we are very sorry, but we will not explain any of that.


What we really want to do with this article, is to tell you our personal experience of almost four months making killer copies within this tool that has a high empowerment, and which have helped us to earn a lot of money and some prizes.


So, as this article comes from our personal experience, let us to tell you a little story that will help you understand or how people today look for quality instead of quantity. 

What does that mean? Exactly, writing a lot is not going to help you earn more money. And then what should I do? Easy. By the time this article was written, the number of subscribers or followers to our blog exceeds 580. 


We tell you about real people with real email accounts, who like our content and generate personal opinions about them. 

With that number and doing a basic exercise or personal goal of making an article per day we realized something.

Quality Is Better Than Quantity

When we started the Rubika Ventures project on Publish0x, we wanted to have a goal to do of at least three micro bloggies per day. 

Fact that really didn’t help anything. People were simply not liking our work. We say it in the sense of reading the publication and then making a donation.


With the above we understood something. Short contents generate little income. Long contents are well valued by the community. 

What does this mean? Basically our first advice is that you take the reasonable time to create a good publication that impacts people. The above refers to creating rich and valuable texts.

What Is An Enriched Text?

To make it clear to everyone, when we refer to “rich text” we are not talking about the text editor of Publish0x, but about the standard text format that you should use for your publications, in order to find the goal of generating a positioning in Google and a engagement with your community.


In order not to use third-party references and based on our experience creating financial and public opinion articles, the “rich text” is an idea of text or format that serves to enrich the article with broad contents for the user. 

As well? If you have visited the profile of @scottcbusiness or you have taken your time to read what we are doing, we use a format that attracts people a lot.

How Should That Format Be?


Basically that format or rich text is composed as follows:

  • Cover Image.
  • Title.
  • Brief introduction.
  • Subtitle.
  • Text Body.
  • Alternative Texts and / or References.
  • Conclusions.
  • Advertising, Social Networks, Referrals and Final Warnings.
  • References, Comments and Bibliography.

It is clear that it would be a general standard. But here, we don’t want to kill anyone’s creativity. So, we make it clear that each of us is free here to write the publications as well as consider. With that clarification comes our second advice.


Long Or Short Titles?

Performing several trials, we have seen that short titles do not generate much impact. What is the reason for this? Basic answer: Google. Google will love us more when we write long titles with keywords.


So our second tip is that: the title of the post should be composed of the keywords so that Google and Publish0x understand what we want to talk about

Therefore and before all, and long before the cover image, think very well about the title of the article. We understand from experience that people will be more interested in the content, when the title is well written and positioned.

Positioning Is Everything

Following that logic, we recognize that the introduction to the article is very important. The importance comes from the example we put here: in recent days we removed the advertising we were placing before the title. 

In doing so, we prefer to place a brief introduction or brief explanation of what we wanted to expose and the result was surprising. People were more interested in reading the content.


The introduction then serves as a method for the reader to know the path to be traveled. Also, it will help your reader a lot so that it does not get lost in the text. It will show you the structure and the path you will walk. Therefore, I also had a good time writing an excellent introduction.


You know that old sentence that says “for those who do not know the way, anyone serves.” Well, it’s basically the third piece of advice we want to give you: never make the mistake of leaving your article without an introduction. Make the reader understand what will be talked about.

The Error Of Many

In addition to being on the side of producers of quality content for Publish0x, we are also readers. Therefore, and doing a good audit of those contents that do not have high growth within the platform, we have seen that the biggest mistake of all is not to place the subtitles in the texts.


Subtitles are a key piece so that the reader does not get tired of reading a ton of text. It also prevents these readers from dropping out of reading quickly. So, the fourth tip is: structure the long text into short texts and place good subtitles that attract attention. 

After that we can already make a good body of the content of the blog or article. But remember something, the subtitles must be directly related to the previously written introduction or summary, as well as the title.

When You Dress Choose Well

We imagine that you have already gone to a clothing store, you choose the best dress, but at the time of paying you desist. That is exactly what happens when we do not create a good body to our publication.

The body of a blog or news article, in addition to providing all the information we want to offer for the reader, is the basic instrument to create a family environment where the reader feels identified with what is written.


With our experience creating rich publications, we conclude that those texts accompanied by images and videos, help the reader to connect with our main content.

That is why our fifth advice is: long texts never work. Better write short texts, not a maximum of six lines of text and always explain what is written with images or videos. Here the info graphics help a lot.


The above, in addition to helping Publish0x and Google give you more love, it will help you understand with the sentence that says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But, it will also leave your blog or article much more beautiful and organized. With that you will know how to dress it better.

Story To Win

If you believed us that the introduction is important, imagine how much the final part of the story will be much more. So do not make the mistake of leaving your article without the conclusions, without a final message, without your social networks to get in touch and first of all, the links you used as a reference.


In fact, and as a sixth tip, leave your personal experience at the end of the article, the references you used and all your social networks so they can get in touch with you. On that, we recognize that sometimes our advertising catches a lot, but it becomes necessary for users to better understand the service offered.


With all of the above, we learned that at the end of the article, people value our own experience more. Therefore, do not be afraid to tell your subscribers how new you have learned by creating your piece of art.

The Shot That Really Kills

However, the piece of art may die if you don’t make a good presentation of it. We refer to the famous cover image. Believe in us, you can be the most expert writer in the world, but if you don’t know how to summarize the fifteen hundred lines of text in a single image, people simply didn’t even care about the content of what is written.


From our own experience, and since the day we have been improving the cover images of our publications, the magic touch of growth has expanded exponentially. This is thanks to the Publish0x post self-promotion tool, where cover image plays a very important role.


Then one other tip is that: please dress your chess piece well in order to capture the king. On this last we want to give you a bonus.

The King’s Court

You have already noticed that we love to write metaphors. Some go well, others bad. Anyway, what we love most in Publish0x is being in the king’s court. Who are we talking about? Exactly, we are talking about the main page and entering the category of the most popular articles of the day.


In order to be in the king’s court you need to understand two basic things: (1) Publish0x loves web traffic and (2) the magic words or keys (Trending Tags) that will position your article among the best and most beloved guests of the court.


Then, one of the last tips is: (a) generate organic traffic or payment for your article in some way and (b) always look on the main page of Publish0x for the keywords that are being used most or the sections of the main page to be able to relate your work of art with what the king really wants. But remember, always select them with the greatest care in the world.

The Badly Heard Council

To recap, we want to remind you that in addition to knowing how to use Publish0x and creating quality content, the facts mentioned above: quality is everything; millionaire content; structure knowledge; web positioning and traffic; among other aspects, they can facilitate the lives of many people who want to make a strong empowerment within Publish0x.


In summary, we wanted to leave you here a brief guide to not forget that good SEO practices are the most relevant to be able to earn high income within the platform. 

That will also depend on the type of content you want to make known to your community. In our case, it is clear that we focus on news, reports, technical analysis, market theories and other important aspects, linked to the cryptocurrency market. 

With the above, from 0 subscribers we have reached more than 580, and we are going forward.

With all that we have described here, we want to leave you with a final tip: never of the never, please do not ignore the comments of the people who are reading the publications. 

In fact, we have noticed that within Publish0x, the items that have earned the most money so far, are those that have had a ton of comments. Then, with that, you will be imagining the same as us. It really is, the Publish0x recommendation algorithm works like the YouTube algorithm. 

More comments you have, the greater the number of views, profits will increase and Publish0x will recommend you to more people. And so on.

The previous advice, we recognize that it is the least heard by all. That’s why we leave it as another bonus. A bonus that we know that from now on will help many of the authors to understand or how this platform really works.

But before finalizing, we want to emphasize the fact of maintaining high quality content that connects with your community, so that more people follow you and see you as an excellent reference. At the end of all, what is better is recognition and being the maximum authority of what you are making known.


See you in the next story! With love 💛 Rubika Ventures Team!

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