Perlin Blockchain Review after the Binance Launchpad Sale Results
Perlin Blockchain Review after the Binance Launchpad Sale Results

By Rubika Ventures® | rubikaventures | 25 Aug 2019

What is Perlin?

Perlin Blockchain project is a leaderless, proof of stake smart contract platform according to Additionally, Perlin is a highly scalable, PoS smart contract platform that achieves throughput of 31,000+ TPS and consistently has 0 to 4 second time to finality, all of which is made possible by Wavelet, a DAG-based probabilistic consensus mechanism.


Binance Launchpad: Perlin Sale Results

Binance Launchpad, the exclusive token launch platform of Binance that helps transformative blockchain startups raise funding to develop their products and drive user adoption, has completed the sale of Perlin (PERL) tokens as reported

After sales were completed, the result was as follows as it was reported:

Total Number of Winning Tickets: 13400
% of Winning Tickets: 5.46%.



In addition Binance has said that will also be opening trading for PERL/BNB, PERL/BTC, PERL/USDT and PERL/USDC trading pairs at 2019/08/26 12:00 PM (UTC).


Disclaimer: In no way does this article recommend the purchase of any assets, this is a personal opinion of the author. Investment in crypto-currency is extremely risky and volatile. Also, if you are an investor, always do your own research before investing in anything!

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