Most Lucrative Cryptocurrency Market Weekly Premium Review
Most Lucrative Cryptocurrency Market Weekly Premium Review

By Rubika Ventures | rubikaventures | 21 Jan 2020

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An Extremely Lucrative Week

We have to tell you the truth in this new beginning of the week. We failed to send the trading signal to generate good revenue. That why? The answer is simple. Between this and last week the market was very volatile due to the launch of the options market by some institutions that we already know.


In our thinking, we already have the certainty that the market was going to correct. When out of nowhere, a large volume of trading and capital entered the market. From this extreme volatility many traders and investors made a lot of profit and huge profits. The whales again ate sardines.

Love For Being Ambitious


With that we learned that the love for ambition and the thirst for winning can move many people in a few seconds for the same goal.

Chicago Exchange in Highlight

The most commented news of the week is in relation to the great potential of the Chicago exchange (CME), and who many are congratulating on their maximum history of the month having negotiated future contracts within the Bitcoin options market.


First week of CME options closed on a strong note with 610 bitcoin options trading on Friday as reported unfolded and skew.


On the other hand, the interest in the negotiations of future contracts arrives until the middle of the month with more than 100% interest on the part of traders and investors of all kinds, as well as made known coindesk.

The Correlation Increases

A curious fact, and after analyzing some cryptocurrencies belonging to the top 10 of coinmarketcap, and with our Netflix series, is that the correlation between each pair traded within the market is increasing. 

That means that for the last months and weeks traders and investors already have good exact knowledge where they should place their money safely.


That fact, years ago, was not obvious. A clear example of the above, were the sudden movements of the market when a lot of capital entered, causing other currencies other than Bitcoin to literally fall to the floor. Today that doesn’t happen anymore. 

Some stability is noticed and the coins are following the same movements of the father.

Binance Taking Futures

From Binance for this week we only have to highlight the big advance in its futures platform. Bitmex’s death finally arrived.


In addition to being able to perform marginalized operations with the most popular cryptocurrencies, and we know what the future of the platform will be: shortly we will have a liquidity market in several others.

Bitcoin Week Off

This new week, Bitcoin starts its day with the closing of the CME positions, after having reached a small maximum around $9210. 

Price that tried to start a new wave within the Ichimoku Cloud accumulation. To understand, the confirmation of a new trend in the daily chart is necessary to create the three white soldiers, which is being invalidated for now.


We have a closing and start of the week, with the price within approximately $8633, breaking the downward trend line, within the support created by the Ichimoku Cloud accumulation, above the EMAs (21,9,50) and of the 60% region of Fibonacci retraction. 

Other indicators show some neutrality. Next movement could be corrective.

Market Capitalization Up

With the positive market movements for the last week, the huge capital inflow came. We can translate that with an increase of more than $33 billion of new dollars that entered the market recently and as he did know coingape

With this, the total market capitalization ends and begins with a positive week in relation to the previous ones.


We only hope that in the next price correction a huge crash will not happen that I executed the decrease in interest in investing in cryptocurrencies. 

For this reason, we say that in general the market for this time was extremely lucrative for many of the players.

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With that, we just want to extend the invitation for us to build a new decade in this market with many successes and good profits.

See you next chapters of the series! With love 💛 Rubika Ventures Team!

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