Bitcoin By Hours Learning To Play A Clean Game We Are Long BITMEX

Bitcoin By Hours Learning To Play A Clean Game We Are Long BITMEX

By Rubikav | Rubikav | 21 Nov 2019

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With the years of experience we have, one of the first major mistakes of traders is to want to place a trend confirmation where there is none. We say this to affirm that in order to have a complete reversal with Bitcoin, the price must primarily break the EMA21.


For now, Bitcoin is shown accumulating between $ 8060 and $ 8220. But to have a reversal confirmation it is important that in addition to breaking the EMA9 hard, it is important that the price reaches an accumulation zone above the $ 8350 punctuated by the EMA21, breaking our downward trend line marked in the triangle of accumulation.

Our Daily Special Recommendation

Remember we are re-accumulating #WANBTC #BINANCE #UPDATE between 2550 and 2850 to sell end of the year.


The Bitcoin Prediction That Drives Us Crazy

A great joy that motivates our heart 🥰💚 Bitcoin Daily Review

To close the day we don't want to report anything about the market closing! We want to share a great joy! 🎊


Two months ago we had done an analysis with anticipation for this month and to the surprise of us and reviewing what we had done (play here), our prediction made for this date coincided exactly with our technical analysis. ✅

That excites us a lot the heart ❤️. We will continue working with love!

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