The Binance News That You Have To Read Before The Lunch

By Rubika Ventures | rubikaventures | 4 Sep 2019

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We are writing to you from Brazil at this exact moment. Therefore, let us tell you that at this time many families are preparing lunch and before eating, we want to tell you some important news about Binance.

A very funny case


After Binance announced the tests of its platform to negotiate future Bitcoin contracts, a very funny thing came out of nowhere: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes Is Accusing Binance of Plagiarism 😂😂.


BitMEX blames Binance for forging their documents, a while ago through a tweet that came out as appalling for the later. In the tweet, they congratulated Binance for their Testnet futures and spoke that they’re happy to see the enthusiasm that their documents brought to their executives.

We really have nothing to say about it, we just have to laugh.

Binance launched the second phase of Binance Lending Products

Binance launched the second phase of Binance Lending Products (BNB, ADA, BTC, ETC, ETH, USDT) at 2019/09/04 6:00 AM (UTC) where 14-day and 28-day fixed term lending products will be made available.



WIN & BTT Trading Competition

In celebration of additional WIN/TRX and BTT/TRX trading pairs being listed on, Binance, WINk, BitTorrent and TRON have together committed prizes including a BMW worth $41,950 in WIN or BTT tokens and more than $200,000 in WIN and BTT tokens to give away to our communities worldwide as it was written in support page.


Promotion Period: 2019/09/05 0:00 AM to 2019/09/12 0:00 AM (UTC).


Binance Will Support the Edgeware (EDG) Lockdrop For ETH Holders

To ensure that Binance users were eligible to receive EDG tokens from the Edgeware Lockdrop, Binance signalled with our ETH wallet to participate in the lockdrop on 2019/08/31 as say the support.


Binance will distribute EDG received from this lockdrop to ETH holders within the next 2 weeks once the EDG mainnet is online.


To calculate the distribution amongst our users, a snapshot of ETH balances was taken across all Binance accounts at an Ethereum block height of8461046 on 2019/08/31 11:59:57 PM (UTC).

Based on current calculations, users will receive approximately 210 EDG per ETH held at this snapshot time.


Edgeware lockdrop statistics: 1,199,209 ETH (~$206.7M) locked; 3,955,955 ETH (~$681.9M) signaled; The network will launch on Sep 15.

BitTorrent Live testnet will be launched in one day

Are you excited?! The team will be inviting a selected group of users for internal testing as user testing is an important part of product development.


Please be patient with us as we continue to roll out and test different version of BLIVE!

Disclaimer: In no way does this article recommend the purchase of any assets, this is a personal opinion of the author. Investment in cryptocurrency is extremely risky and volatile. Also, if you are an investor, always do your own research before investing in anything!

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