Rondo x Pulse of Prophets Merch Collab

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Technology and electronic music are synonymous with pushing the boundaries and causing us to re-think how we interact with the world.

Rondo is at the intersection of music & tech, showcasing top emerging talent from our global collective and the latest blockchain technologies disrupting the music industry in general. This collaboration fuses the love of music, technology, fashion and the Rondo mission of not only bringing brand and culture awareness, but education in the space of how fans and artists interact in the blockchain space. 

We were introduced to Pulse of Prophets through JourneyDeep by the way of his monthly mix series on the channel and having the pleasure of showcasing a few guest mixes for him and now have regular mixes up with future guests on the way. The spectrum of incredible mixes put out through our Rondo Mixcloud is therapy for your ears at any time of day. This is what really got us interested in doing a collab between Pulse of Prophets and Rondo in the first place, for the love of music.

The first drop in this series consists of originally designed pieces by Mynus and myself (DSQISE) working on different concepts from the minimal to the elaborate. We wanted to show the global reach of Rondo while educating on the mission. We asked ourselves how can we infuse all of these elements into shirts that are comfortable, informative, but also something you want to fucking wear. Because, let's face it, no one wants some shit ass shirt when they are trying to support a movement. 

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Crypto Currency Ecosystem for Music & Live Entertainment

RONDO = Music + Blockchain + Crypto
RONDO = Music + Blockchain + Crypto

Rondo is a Digital Currency platform for Music & Live Entertainment, supporting artists worldwide. We reduce the friction for musicians earning with our "universal music income" and using digital currencies in the real world.

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