The evolution of Rondo

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Hello one and all, great to let you know about this project RONDO, having had this idea to build a platform for 6 years, that can truly benefit emerging artists in a meaningful and tangible way.   Over the years Rondo has supported over 300 artists on our Mixcloud channel by promoting their mixes, EPs and events. We had an Android & IOS App called GMC, with artist profiles as well as the website with global artist locations for geo bookings. This was not enough to truly make a real meaningful difference for artists directly.  

Now with the advent of blockchain tech and crypto currencies, we have an opportunity to build a dynamic platform that is as easy to use as typing a word in Google, i.e. a platform that does not require a steep learning curve to understand how it works, but has a familiar UIUX to anything we use online or on mobile today.   

Crypto have the ability to transform the way we interact directly with fans, via direct 24/7 tipping, selling merch, event tickets and more. Using crypto means you can transfer value peer to peer directly between people and bypass expensive traditional 3rd parties like Banks, Credit Cards, PayPal, Venmo etc. the concept of self financial custodianship, is a reality that I have embraced for more than 12 months. From my own direct experience, I know it works and the tech is out there to support it.  

So RONDO is evolving and we are on a mission to build an ecosystem for Music & Live Entertainment that uses our own “RND” token which will be the base digital currency, fueling the global ecosystem, and can be used throughout the music industry in a variety of innovative ways. We will further reduce the friction for Musicians Earning and Using digital currencies in the real world. The platform will also support many other music crypto in our secure wallet, thereby expanding our global user base at scale. The aim is to offer the Music industry, a unique hybrid ecosystem that is easy to use.  

We will provide ongoing posts about the platform key use cases (features), and how we are going to achieve our milestones on our roadmap for development and marketing. To kick it all off, we launched an early adopters "40 MILLION 'RND' TOKEN DISTRIBUTION” campaign, to raise the initial funds required for development and we also revamped our website for this campaign.

Below is the birds eye view of the Rondo Ecosystem and we will dive into more specific details in future posts. In the meantime if anyone has any questions or wants to get seriously involved, you are welcome to email us at and more info is available here: Web



Crypto Currency Ecosystem for Music & Live Entertainment

RONDO = Music + Blockchain + Crypto
RONDO = Music + Blockchain + Crypto

Rondo is a Digital Currency platform for Music & Live Entertainment, supporting artists worldwide. We reduce the friction for musicians earning with our "universal music income" and using digital currencies in the real world.

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