Breaking down RollerCoin: How to build your own virtual enterprise by playing bitcoin mining game

Breaking down RollerCoin: How to build your own virtual enterprise by playing bitcoin mining game

By Diana King | RollerCoin Game | 13 Nov 2019

Word is out about a new online Bitcoin mining game named RollerCoin, with those familiar with crypto mining leading the charge. It rewards players with bitcoins for completing missions online and immerses them in a hazardous world of stiff competition for becoming a mining tycoon. Instead of messing around with bulky mining equipment and electricity bills, you find yourself in the race where nothing left but to defeat your rivals, often in a way beyond moral stances. 

Let’s get to the bottom of what RollerCoin is all about and whether it is a legit website or yet another con under the guise of a free crypto lunch. 



Yet another BTC faucet?

First, let’s have a quick recap. The present-day crypto sphere, no longer bathing in an ocean of easy money, is doing much to re-entice active users. Mining crypto has become a somewhat dated and unprofitable practice, ICOs have had the regulatory book thrown at them, and the environment for further expansion in the cryptosphere seems a fantasy. In attempts to dust off the good old crypto, clever brains came up with the idea to gamify the space. You might have heard of CryptoKitties, with those first on the scene having spent around $7 billion on digital cats in just two weeks after the game’s launch in late 2017. It just goes to show that people are always ready to spend their cash on gaming.

Mining games are mushrooming on the Internet right now. However, for the most part these are not actually games but rather BTC faucets that reward their users with next to nothing for committing a lot of time to quite tedious tasks (e.g. viewing advertisements).

But that has nothing to do with RollerCoin. So what is this game all about? 

RollerCoin’s deliberately simplistic, pixelated website is reminiscent of 8-bit consoles. Not at all cluttered with advertisements, it is simple to navigate. Once you have found your bearings after reading the instructions on the main page (which takes no longer than a few minutes), you are asked to register and start gaming without further ado.

Once you’ve clicked the sign up button, you are put through a standard registration procedure in which you need to indicate your email address and approve of the terms and conditions. There are two more checkboxes referring to promotional emails and browser notifications, which you are not obliged to agree to. After checking your inbox and verifying your email, you can head straight to customising your character. 



Enter your nickname or select one of the random ones on offer, do the face puzzle as instructed and, once done, find yourself sitting at a table in an empty room with nothing but a table, chair and fan. 


It’s worth noting that you might be spooked by the unexpected sound of a block being mined every 10 minutes. As such, it may be worth turning off the sound off by clicking the fifth rectangular icon at the top of the screen. 

To the left of the mute button, the big start button cannot be missed, and clicking it sends us to the games menu, with eight games currently available. After choosing a game, take a little trouble to read the rules – though, most are truly no-brainers and you are likely to be able to pick them up as you go along. Among them, you will find good old-fashioned clickers adjusted for crypto, under the names of Cryptonoid and Coin-Match in particular. Start play your first games and earn some satoshis and hashpower to start with. 

Now you are only granted access to easy-level games, but what stimulates you to turn up the heat is a progressive reward scale: the higher the difficulty, the more hash power you get. Consequently, the higher your hashrate, the more satoshis you earn when every new block is mined. But keep in mind that the difficulty level falls back to 1 after 24 hours not being in touch. So do other your advancements such as hashrate and electricity power after not running for several days at a time. That literally means that once started, you would better keep playing every day to stay afloat! 

What’s more: upon winning a certain amount of games you get a virtual computer which enhances your mining power for a certain period of time (to get three days of extended power you have to win no less than 20 games). Everything motivates you to keep winning as long as you can. 





To find out how much you have already earned, take a look at the upper left corner. There you will find the wallet icon. By clicking on it, you proceed to your treasury with Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum and RollerToken, the internal RollerCoin (RC) currency designed to be used to purchase upgrades, buy other users’ mining power or pay for electricity bills in the game. When you have just registered, your RC balance and mining power will be zero, but don’t be disheartened: getting started is half the battle! 

To stay up to date with all your stats, use your character icon. By clicking that, you will see the number of games played, mining power, total income (in-game and by referral) and player rank.

The results of all tasks undertaken are verified by the Proof-of-Fun algorithm. It runs in a similar way to the well-known Proof-of-Work protocol that serves as a barrier against mistakes and fraud in the Bitcoin network, so your competitors have no chance to cheat. The rewards are split among the winners proportionately to their mining power. In the game, you not only show your gaming agility but are also eligible to earn bonuses by taking part in special events and spreading the word about the game. 

Gradually your rewards are getting accumulated. Upon reaching a minimum of 0.0001 BTC you are allowed to withdraw them to your wallet (if you don’t have one, it’s also quite simple to create). 


More interesting option, though, is to continue by enhancing your mining power and investing you satoshis in some upgrades. Buy mining rigs for your in-game data center. By continuing to invest what you earn in mining rigs, your daily output increases, meaning your passive profit is constantly growing without you even playing games. The more mining rigs you buy, the more you can reinvest further, so your output is able to increase exponentially. 

Since you are no longer a newbie, all the fun starts here. Your office no longer looks miserable. It is getting filled with miners, both new ones and assembled from spare parts, as well as renewed furniture. Buy a brand-new table and hang up a luxurious chandelier! You can sell them when they bother you. And come on, dress up! Now you are making good money, so clothe your character in Dolce & Gabbana stuff. Deposit your money to earn even more. Trade on the in-game exchange. When the room is cramped enough, rent a new office. Office, warehouse, airport!


Be yourself. Choose your way to be a geeky low key engineer – or a hard-boiled merchant keeping business above moral. Bear in mind that in order to stay afloat, you not only must deal with real affairs like paying electricity bills and renting new premises but also show your dark sides. Sneak into the opponent’s room to do a dirty trick. Yes, sometimes you have to be a bastard to survive. 

Internal token

Throughout the RollerCoin website you can find icons and buttons referring to the ongoing crowdfunding. 

The internal token is what the game economy is meant to be based on. Being mined with the help of in-game virtual equipment, RollerToken is designed for: 

  • paying electricity bills;
  • purchasing power, as well as new and used equipment on the decentralized website’s marketplace;
  • buying upgrades and bonuses;
  • opening up hidden levels and gaining access to loot-boxes with rare items;
  • paying entrance fees for championships and events. 


In sum

The minimum you can expect from RollerCoin is that it definitely allows you to top up your daily earnings while queueing, commuting or passing time at the airport. Throw in that you are taking zero financial risks, as no registration fee required, makes playing RollerCoin a no-brainer. 

Though, if you decide not to stop at a few satoshis earned and continue building your own mining empire, things are going to be a hundred times more interesting. Starting with simple games to get initial capital, you will draw into a real competition for the title of crypto mining magnate. 

Regarding the question as to whether RollerCoin legitimate or not: there is no reason to believe that it is some kind of con. 3.5 BTC has been distributed among the users since the website’s launch, with no negative reviews (, indicating anything fishy is going on. 

If you dig a little deeper on the website for some information, you can find a roadmap detailing plans for the upcoming nine months. The plan details, among other things: the launch of additional options, bonuses, games and a mobile app. All of this is independent of app stores which are infamous for coming down hard on blockchain-powered products. So, it is definitely worth taking a look at RollerCoin and giving it a try at

Diana King
Diana King

PR, marketing specialist for crypto projects, editor, journalist, producer and good person.

RollerCoin Game
RollerCoin Game

RollerCoin is an online, virtual bitcoin mining game where you compete against your friends to earn real bitcoins. It takes the concept of bitcoin mining, but instead of the sophisticated Blockchain and processing algorithms, RollerCoin lets you test your skills, complete missions, undertake tasks, and play games to earn real bitcoins.

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