Is XLM of STELLAR LUMENS a Good Investment and the Relation to Ripple(XRP) ? My Vision of it #XLM #XRP #Ripple
#XLM #XRP #BTC #bitcoin #Ethereum

Is XLM of STELLAR LUMENS a Good Investment and the Relation to Ripple(XRP) ? My Vision of it #XLM #XRP #Ripple

Dear Crypto enthusiasts of any cryptocurrency. I wish you a nice day.

In this paper, I am going to give you my vision of XLM, Stellar Lumens, something original with different points, and explain to you how it is connected to Ripple & XRP

I hope it helps you to take a wise decision.


1) XLM of Stellar Lumens was initially mined as Ripple XRP : about 100 Billions token

2) Recently , Stellar Foundation decided to burn 85 Billions so the only tokens remaining are those on the open market, what limits the manipulation theoretically.


3) The problem is that XLM blockchain is a direct competitor of Ripple XRP as it is forked from.


4) So when people have to choose between XRP and XLM, they are keen to take xRapid and ODL, as it is integrated in RippleNet and they trust more to RippletNet as it gathers hundreds of banks already.


5) Many people think that only XLM can be used for micropayments, whereas Coil & XRP already realize micro-payments.


6) The fact that there lots of XRP locked in Escrow System is something that enables more manipulation of prices, as most of the XRP's are not on the open market. That can influence Institutional to enter the XLM market for long term HOLD. And among retail investors, there is a fear of what is possible to manipulate the price of XRP.


7) Jed Mac Caleb was one of the founders of Ripple. And now, some people say that he holds 4 billions of XRP , which can dump the market, that is true. So there is a conflict of interest between he and Ripple. As soon as he sells all his XRP, that will be better and more healthy for the market.


Thanks for reading and for the support of the people.



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