The Letter A (Crypto Alphabet for Noobies)

By zhephoi | Rhythms ABC's of Crypto | 21 Aug 2020

​​Let's all  start with none other than the letter "A"         110562ebf9d297d13330a492232918fc5e922ca244389096370d0c76808a1a88.png    


Altcoin – Any other cryptocurrency that acts as an alternative to Bitcoin.  As the name suggest, |ALTernative COIN.  

Airdrop - is an act of distributing a cryptocurrency token or coin by simply doing simple tasks, normally through social media sites. Airdrops are used as a way to touch base with users who are not yet aware of the token or coin. Airdrops can also be sometimes implemented via holding another token or coin.   

All Time High - This is the highest level or price the coin or token has attained.  

All Time Low - And the opposite of course, this is the lowest level or price the coin or token has attained.   

Arbitrage - ​ A trading technique wherein it refers to taking advantage of the price difference between two different exchanges.    

Address - This is basically a target destination where a certain user sends and receives digital currency. Addresses differ per token/coin.  

Algorithm - A restricted pattern of well-defined, computer- enforceable instructions practically to solve an equation. 

ASIC - Shorten term for “Application Specific Integrated Circuit”

AML - Is the acronym for “Anti-Money Laundering”

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Rhythms ABC's of Crypto
Rhythms ABC's of Crypto

Cryptocurrency and the whole blockchain as we know it is ever evolving. Here I will list all crypto and blockchain terminologies and words used to the fullest extent of my knowledge and my own research. Some words may no longer be used while others may be new. So please, feel free to leave a comment since I know I could be able to miss a lot (i'm no expert after all.. :-) )

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