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By netto | review cryptocurrency | 28 Apr 2020



Content creation is the path to indicate reflections that involvement your customer’s personality, the formation or visualization of these reflections, as well as the provision of this data to your grouping inward the course of a blog, video, infographic, or other event. Electronic communication betwixt people is a proficient achievement using a PC that supports the creation or central of information, thoughts, delineate of piece of work interests as well as diverse types of explanations using methods for virtual systems as well as structures. The grouping of organizations involved inward scheme administration, left lone as well as verifiable, starting amongst the currently open, is a job of definition; In whatever case, in that location are just about typical features.

According to the report, to a greater extent than than one-half of the people on the planet are dynamic thank yous to the direction of electronic systems, which have the add-on of online notification of life as well as promotion. The fee received from a flexible concern associated amongst the direction of spider web systems volition grow to 21 billion United States of America dollars inward 2020. More than 87% of patrons advertise inward spider web life to acquire traffic to amend their agreements, attract customers, deliver potential customers as well as fans. While 55% of sponsors mainly require make edifice as well as legitimacy. The measure destination of Ozcar is to aim both at organizing online frameworks as well as at the advertisement marketplace inward gild to offering a unified reply for its arrangers.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading social networking platform for content makers, influencers, advertisers, marketers and active users. Through blockchain technology and tokenized economy, we want to eliminate the interference of third parties and centralized authorities which will result in low transaction and service fee. The reward system along with tipping culture will not only increase user involvement but also reduce the risk of fraud and fake likes on low quality content



Ozcar Messenger Ozcar messenger is a unique approach towards a transparent, light and free peer to peer network with a crypto wallet that supports digital assets. Furthermore, Escrow feature is available for transparent dealing with 1% fees of the total trade   Ozcar Application Ozcar app is based on decentralized social media network supporting influencers, artists, content creators and filmmakers for their unique content while rewarding users for their contribution and engagement   Ozcar Exchange Users can buy, sell and exchange OCR along with other assets with confidence. Multilingual support along with advance feature will make trading secure and easy



  1. We have a variety of meetings with participation in the market, both with the blockchain and the online life industry. 2. Our mechanical perspective is exceptionally strong: 3 things work in the line, for example, Ozcar Delivery, Ozcar Application and Ozcar Trade. 3. We strive to create a domain with features important to instances. Android notices that iOS is a flexible wallet and escrow structure in person, a reward system in a compact application and a decision to buy money next door with multilingual help in Return. 4. We offer low trading and conditional trading costs with a clear use case for OCR. 5. We give constant support throughout the day, wonderful premium packages and a high level of security. 6. For reasonable control among customers, Ozcar has introduced a escrow function in the bearer flag, which will reduce threats of coercion. Resources will be released after an appropriate understanding between the two social affairs, and each trading report will be stored on stage. 7. Ozcar provides enhanced sharing benefits for the direct interface. The exchange will honestly return and store requests through an Ozcar representative and the Ozcar app.  


● Low fees When users will send and receive the digital asset through their Ozcar messenger or App, it will cost them low transaction fees. Also, Ozcar is charging tiny amount as withdrawal and trading fee on Ozcar exchange.

 Multiple digital asset support Ozcar is supporting an infinite number of digital assets but initially most demanded cryptocurrencies will be available in messenger wallet.

● 24/7 customer support Ozcar is offering efficient customer support service through live chat, support group and email. Once users request will be received, the team will instantly solve their issue ensuring both safety and convenience.

● Invitation and user activity reward To use user’s power, referral links will be distributed to all community members. User can earn reward after complete registration of new members through their invitation link. Furthermore, Ozcar is offering activity reward to increase user involvement which is an indirect and direct way of promotion.

● Escrow system For fair dealing among users, Ozcar has introduced escrow feature in the messenger which will decrease fraud risks. Funds will be released after proper agreement between two parties and each transaction record will be kept on the platform.

● Easy to use platform Ozcar is providing optimize exchange services with easy to understand user interface. Exchange will directly receive withdraw and deposit requests through Ozcar messenger and Ozcar application..

● Saving in marketing price: There is a big competition among the influencers and content makers. So, Ozcar is allowing content makers and users to use their daily reward to boost the content. They can also do boosting with OCR in low marketing budget.  


● Token Name: OCR Token

● Ticker: OCR

● Blockchain: Ethereum

● Token Type: Erc-20

● Total Supply: 1.25 Billion

● Supply For ICO: 625 Million

● Soft Cap: 0.5 Million USD

● Hard Cap: 5 Million USD

● Pre ICO Price: 1OCR = 0.2 USD

● ICO 1st Round: 1OCR = 0.25 USD

● ICO 2nd Round: 1OCR = 0.35 USD

● KYC Required: Yes

● Purchase Methode: Btc, Eth, LTC, XRP, XLM, BCH, USDT, TRX, Dash & USD   


Ozcar is a blockchain-based social media network worldwide., gambar #6


Token Allocation

Total 1,250,000,000 OCR tokens will be issued, out of which 625,000,000 OCR are fixed for public sale. While 5,000000 OCR tokens will be distributed among early adopters of Ozcar messenger. The detail of token allocation is:


● 50%: Public Sale

● 15%: Team Share

● 10%: Foundation Of Platform

● 3%: Private Sale

● 3%: Bounty

● 2%: Pre ICO

● 10%: Future Marketing

● 5%: Founders & Advisors

● 2%: Airdrop & Rewards

Funds Allocation

For successful practical implementation of Ozcar platform in the social networking market, the team has devised a proper funds distribution plan for platform continued development, research, user adaptability, PR and marketing. Ozcar is a blockchain-based social media network worldwide., gambar #8

  ● 50%: Project Development

● 12%: Business Development

● 3 3%: Legal & Compliance

● 18%: Marketing

● 9%: Operation & Reserve

● 8%: Research & Advance Feature


Q4 2019 - Website Development Marketing Private sale
Q1 2020 - Pre sale ICO 1st phase
Q2 2020 - ICO 2nd phase Community growth
Q3 2020 - Launch of Messenger Exclusive Airdrop
Q4 2020 - Exchange listing Strategic partnership
Q1 2021 - Launch of Application
Q2 2021 - Development of exchange
Q3 2021 - Bug Bounty Launch Of exchange listing of other coins

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