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By netto | review cryptocurrency | 3 Jun 2020



EXENOX prides itself as a mobile mining innovative platform designed to give all smart phone the capability of mining. Through this platform, mobile users will get connected to useful mobile applications made for the blockchain so that they can enjoy all their digital activities through their phones. This platform has its special mobile designs which are smartphones with a great sophistication. Their products offers users perfect usability, mobility and excellent mining operations. This is a unique way of providing a friendly ecosystem for mobile users globally so that the barriers of effective mining can be overcome.
EXENOX smart mining would be available for all Android mobiles, same with the iOS users in its community. The tokens of this platform, i.e EXENOX token would be mined through this feature and eventually be used to pay for products desired by users or for other shopping payments. The project makes users get rewards when they mine on its ecosystem, however, there will be more advantage to those who use EXENOX devices.


The products and services provided in this platform includes;
The EXENOX smart phones which are cheap and very much durable. The devices comes in the smart phone and tablets as planned by the project team.
There is also a permanent network provider service for users to be connected in real time to different networks even as they mine.
There are useful blockchain apps pre installed and unlocked for Exenox users on any type of smart phones. This is followed by the smart mining application that makes users get started with mining. The applications and Dapps to be used in Exenox are all made available In the app and dapp stores respectively and these stores are sited in this community.


The smartphones are designed with to features to provide users with a user friendly mining ecosystem. It is laden with blockchain apps and very secured. The phones have their own app stores and can function outside the blockchain to perform other functions just like any other device. The customers of Exenox are provided with great quality product and services through this type of phones that are remarkably best for blockchain activities.


Exenox devices have been designed to scale beyond the shortcomings and limitations faced when mining. So this is actually the best time to begin mining and doing other crypto related operations because now, users will enjoy 24/7 support from Exenox, enjoying products and services with maximum protection. I humbly suggest you go for Exenox because you would be so glad if you do so.



  • Mining Distribution 35.0% 1,750,000.00
  • Mining Reserve 20.0% 1,000,000.00
  • Team & Advisors 10.0% 500,000.00
  • Bounty & Marketing 5.0% 250,000.00
  • Private Donations 20.0% 1,000,000.00
  • Strategic Partnership 10% 500,000.00

Smart Network

  • EXENOX Mobile's core will be its strong community of product users united together with the mobile network and the blockchain technology through:
  • The EXENOX mobile products (smartphones & tablets).
  • The EXENOX Smart Mining app.
  • The EXENOX blockchain app and dApp store. 
  • Pre-installed blockchain applications.
  • Network provider services.
  • Other mobile market innovations in the future

Smart Mining

  • Mine EXENOX tokens.
  • Earn bonuses and rewards.
  • Use EXENOX tokens to purchase online.
  • EXENOX smartphone users get more mining rewards.
  • Available for Android and iOS users (soon). 

Smart Products

  • Smartphone & Smartphone
  • Mobile Enabled Tablet & Tablet
  • Headphone & Headphone
  • Wireless Charging Stations
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Smart Wrist Bands and Smart Watches
  • The smart Social Network with smart business functions


  • Token Name :  EXENOX Mobile
  • Token Symbol : EXNX
  •  token Technology : ERC-20 Ethereum Smrat Contract
  • Token Decimal : 6
  • Innitial Supply : 5 Million EXNX
  • Minimum Buy : 0.01 ETH
  • Accept Currency : BTC, ETH
  • Contract Address : 0x60e7f0518102a4e70431960f88c1ebc98f994159



By : Netto

Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=808134

ETH Address : 0xdF62F175670FD510cdc8d2Cc93D3f36320B68043  

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