Things you should know about TRONLINK wallet
Things you should know about TRONLINK wallet

By redex | redex | 1 Feb 2020

Today there will be useful material on how to create a TRONLINK wallet and how to use it. Many newcomers to the crypto think that interacting with the TRON blockchain is difficult. But that's not the case friends, so read through this article to the end and you'll understand that it's quite simple.



The easiest and most convenient wallet to interact with applications is the TRONLINK extension. This is very similar in functionality to the popular Metamask wallet.

The TRONLINK extension allows you to send and receive tokens, as well as interact with decentralized applications running on the TRON platform. This is exactly the kind of functionality that ordinary users need. Let's not take too long and get down to business.

To download your wallet, go to the extension shop and find TRONLINK, then install the extension.


Once the extension installed, the corresponding TronLink icon will appear in your browser. Click on it and create a strong password. Be sure to save it in a safe place and click on continue.

In the next window, TronLink will offer us to create a new wallet, restore the old one, or connect via the Ledger. I, as a new user, need a new wallet and I click the first button - "Create". Then I make up a name for this wallet.


The next step is the most important! You must copy and save the secret words, which are the key to access your wallet. Click on these words with the left mouse button and copy them to a safe place, and even better, write it down on paper, if you plan to store on this wallet serious amounts. And the main thing is to keep the order in which they go. Click to continue and on the next page select the saved words in the correct order.


Then we get to the main window of our wallet. Which immediately catches the eye of 2 obscure parameters Bandwidth and Energy? Let's take a closer look at it because I'm sure these 2 parameters are the most incomprehensible.


So, TRON offers several interesting features that solve the problems blockchain worry users. These functions are resources that you earn with the TRX Freeze function inside a wallet.

Once you’re TRX Freeze, they will block for certain number days, making impossible to trade until they unfreeze. In return, the wallet will rewarded RESOURCES that allow performing certain within the TRON network.

What do these two resources allow you to do?

The first is Bandwidth; the resource allows performing operations in the main TRON network for FREE, without paying any fees gas. The availability of enough bandwidth is important when using different dapps, such as the WINK gaming platform. Where you can make transactions while playing without having to worry about your commission. The put, BANDWIDTH resource allows you to make free transactions, which makes life very easy and saves your wallet. Especially in projects that must a lot of transactions.

The second resource ENERGY, a special resource used to process and concludes smart contracts with the TRON network. To be more precise, such operations consume computing resources for TRON virtual machine. For us, they expressed in such a clear parameter as energy. The creation and execution of smart-contracts consume energy, along with bandwidth. So, when working with contracts, as well as when making tokens for any contract, make sure that you have enough both of them!

How to Freeze TRX for Resources

Freeze TRX is easy, go to the TRONLINK extension, open the menu and select freeze/unfreeze. Scroll down the opening window and press to freeze. Then the window opens, in the first field, do not have to write anything, specify the amount of TRX you want to freeze and last field choose what you want to get bandwidth or energy. It is better to take energy because the bandwidth recovered by itself as opposed to energy. That is, there is usually always enough bandwidth if you do not make too many transactions.

We've dealt with that.

To receive or send you’re TRX or other tokens. There are two Received and Send buttons. It's easy.

When we go into some application in the browser TronLink. The link in the browser immediately activated and asks that our wallet linked to the application. And when we perform operations in this dapps, a window of TronLink will open asking us to confirm the operation. It's the same as in the MetaMask. If you need to make a lot of transactions, you can make sure that this window does not appear.  To do this, we choose to confirm all transactions within a certain period, for example, let everything confirmed within one hour. And within one hour, this window will not bother you anymore.


That's all, you've learned the most important thing. If you don't understand the TRON blockchain, ask in your comments, and I will try to answer all your questions. If the article was useful to you, please rate it and don't forget to read the next article!


Crypto enthusiast and trader.


Crypto enthusiast and trader.

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