Will The Zoom Lead Or Will It Blend Like A Bubble?

By Red Guy | Red-Guy | 3 May 2020


In the new coronavirus epidemic, if any name is pronounced in the house, it is zoom. Amidst unprecedented lockdowns, the video conferencing platform has given a lot of vitality to important communications like school and business. As well as five-way chats, birthday parties, exercise classes at home and even wedding ceremonies have become an important part of the zoom. And that's when the big brothers, the forerunners of technology, noticed it.

Google and Facebook are now jumping on the bandwagon with everything related to video. Both of them have a lot of money in their pockets. There is a huge customer base. The question is, will these two powers be able to share the newly raised zoom? CNN has tried to find the answer.

Keep in mind, the zoom service was almost shut down. Now, the sudden rise, how long will it last?

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced a new video calling service called 'Messenger Room' where up to 50 people can have video conferencing for as long as they want, without the need for a Facebook account.

Google, on the other hand, had a package that could be bought for money. One of its many services was the video conferencing service 'Google Meet'. Google has now taken this Mitt out of that package and added it to the free service queue. Now anyone with an email address can have up to 100 video conferencing with up to 100 users on Google Meet.

When Google didn't have a free service, no messenger room, the 50-minute video conferencing facility for up to 40 people in Zoom was a huge issue, and the fact that just clicking on a link without registration made Zoom very popular.

Zoom still has that popularity. However, the fact that Facebook and Google have thrown market competition for him is probably more true than that, at least at this point.

The question is, will Zoom have this position? Or will the zoom disappear like a sudden bubble, or will it survive as one of the few big service providers in the market?

Zoom, of course, has a weight to measure its own success. That is the number of participants in the daily meeting.
One thing to keep in mind here is that the number of participants in the meeting may not be the total number of users. Many times a user can join multiple meetings.

Just last week, Zoom reported that 300 million participants completed meetings every day on the platform. In March alone this number was 20 crores. There is no doubt that the popularity of Zoom or its dependence on it is increasing rapidly. But it cannot be said that Google is far behind. By the same token, Google has touched 100 million milestones in the last week. And in the case of Messenger, this number was seven crore participants. The huge consumer base that Facebook and Google have is undoubtedly a big foundation for the two companies. And that will help the two companies to take a stronger position as rivals to Zoom.

But in the video conferencing market, "Facebook is more likely to succeed than Google," said Laura Martin, an analyst at Needham & Co. He argues that Google's results often do not yield the desired results when it comes to running on the success of other organizations as per previous records. Think of Google Plus. The project that brought a lot of noise had to be stopped in the end. There are many more examples of Google.

On the other hand, the history of Facebook says that they make quick decisions when it comes to following others, mastering the popular features of the competitor and can take them to a certain level. Check out the storage feature on Instagram with Snapchat.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Some experts say that video conferencing is very different from pure social networking. More important here is how many of your friends are using the same service. While all participants are on the same platform on social media, this may not be the case with video calling. Many may use multiple services.

Geoffrey Mann, a competition specialist at the International Center for Law and Economics, says the video conferencing market may not be a single influential company but a playground for a number of powerful players.

"There have been some minor setbacks to Zoom, really. But I don't see signs that Zoom will be lost in the competition any time soon," he said.

"Whether the zoom lasts or not depends a lot on how they handle security."

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