Pornography: A Slow Poison That Makes You Physically, Emotionally And Socially Exhausted

By Red Guy | Red-Guy | 2 May 2020



Pornography: A Slow Poison That Makes You Physically, Emotionally And Socially Exhausted

Neuroscience says that like the body, our brain can adapt to any condition.

This pattern of our brain is constantly changing again, depending on the inputs that our brain receives from the knowledge we see, hear, do, learn and experience.

Childhood religious education, philosophy from parents and teachers, social responsibility, various topics to chat with friends, serious discussions in seminars, romantic conversations with lovers, even the book you are reading to calm your mind or to pass the time , Listening to music or watching a show on TV ... every action is creating new data in your brain cell, In contrast to the data obtained from the experience of sapasi input of each event or a connection can be made, and our brain. When we encounter similar problems / events / experiences in the next, our brain analyzes those data and their connections, commands our thinking and body accordingly and drives it accordingly and our thinking and body responds accordingly.

From the brief discussion above we learn about the workings of the brain. Now let's try to go a little deeper.


Many may wonder what pornography has to do with these! Well, in order to treat a patient, it is more important to know and study about the disease than to know about the patient!

  To understand how porn and pornography are damaging our brain, how it is harming us like slow poison, we need to know something about the way our brains work.

  How the brain learns and remembers new things depends largely on synaptic plasticity.

  Synaptic plasticity is an ability of the brain to maintain the communication of neurons (brain cells) with data connected to various memories, events and experiences and to change its speed and ability while responding. Not only that, but it also deals with the amount and type of neurotransmitters (communication molecules) that will be released when maintaining or responding to neurons.

  One of the most important neurotransmitters in our brain is "dopamine". Dopamine does a lot of work. The important thing is that it carries people's feelings of joy and happiness and sends them to our neurons or brain cells as needed. Drugs are made by targeting this dopamine. Drugs are used as triggers to release large amounts of dopamine by forcing our dopaminergic system. As a result, when we take drugs or intoxicants, the presence of excess dopamine in our neurons results in a different, restless and extreme pleasure from normal. Many people with this condition are known to be 'high'. However, this situation is temporary. Depending on the type and amount of the drug, it can last from a few minutes to a few hours or even days. Then when this 'high' state is cut off, the state's depression, frustration and exhaustion come and overwhelm the body and mind. Our nervous system is unable to take on this extra stress on the body and mind and tickles the dopaminergic system to release dopamine. But since dopamine was released by force last time, this time the dopaminergic system feels like a lover's hypocritical anger and refuses to release dopamine. As a result, the pressure on the nervous system increases. As a result, extreme instability and irritability are created in the body and mind of the drug user. So even if you don't want to, you have to resort to drugs again. This is how addiction begins and this demand grows day by day and reaches infinity.

  The question is, what does this have to do with porn and pornography?




  There are all kinds of pornographic and pornographic items, including porn, pornographic pictures, text, audio, to release dopamine by triggering our dopaminergic system just like drugs. As a result, when we come in contact with porn and pornographic items, a link is formed between our brain and the dopaminergic system. Not only that, exposure to porn creates a force on the dopaminergic system that massive amounts of dopamine are being released; It is being stored directly in long term memory instead of short term memory. For this reason, even if a pornographic or pornographic item is removed from the front of the eye, it is stuck in long term memory, so it returns to the replay mode only if it is imagined as a person's need.

  Things will be clearer if you think about school life. We kept reading until we memorized it, until it was built into our memory. The same thing happens when you watch porn over and over again. So when someone who is accustomed to watching porn actually participates in sexual intercourse, in front of him is a person with a beautiful body created by the Creator, but in front of him, the pre-programmed brain subconscious mind commands the men / women seen in porn and their techniques to play on the screen of mind. Despite having nectar in front of their eyes and in the palm of their hand, their minds still wander in the world of fantasy and try to synchronize with every scene seen in porn, so the clash with reality becomes inevitable. 

  Pornography is a real life fantasy. Those who watch porn regularly, they must not watch the same porn again and again! Initially, the demand for softcore porn was met, but after a while, the demand and taste changed. Then something hardcore is needed. Even if you eat meat every day, you get distasteful at one time, then you feel like spinach, pulses and nectar.

  Child pornography, animated pornography, animal pornography, simulated raping scenes, threesomes, foursomes ... gay porn, lesbian porn ... It continues to grow and as well as the taste changes abnormally. But the problem is that there is no limit to this demand or change of taste.

  Because the human mind is a strange object. Even if the brain occasionally hangs or refuses to take the load, its ability to withstand stress is infinite and its demands are irreplaceable.

  Due to the frequent viewing of porn, our brains become programmed in the same way as we watch new women in new poses and sexual intercourse. But in real life, when the husband / wife does not have an attractive figure like the man / woman seen in porn, does not get sex appeal and can not apply various techniques seen in porn on the life partner, then the danger begins. Regular exposure to pornographic and pornographic items leads to a decline in the taste of both men and women. The immoral and sexually perverted relationships that are seen and read in porn then start to feel good. As a result, those who are in regular contact with porn, their taste is distorted. Even in the normal relationships of life, their eyes search for distortion in their subconscious mind. In other words, in real life, they expect a partner like the attractive hero / heroine seen in porn and they dream that their sex life will be like theirs. So they lose the happiness and peace of real life by living in fantasy. Then even if you come in contact with ordinary men / women in real life, you will not get their sexual perfection and enjoy it. Many people go astray by failing to meet the needs of their partner.

  The human mind cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. If you dream, your mind will believe it as real. When you are having sexual intercourse with a girl in a dream, your mind is believing it to be real. You all know what the result of this belief is!

  The hope is, however, that porn addicts have a much easier way to recover than drug addicts and take relatively less time to recover.

  Like drug addicts, porn and pornography can be abandoned at any time without any side effects on the body and mind. Although it requires a lot of willpower, it is also important to keep yourself busy.




  Side effects of porn and pornography


  -> As a result of watching regular porn, a man's sexual organ is completely erect at one time only while watching porn, but in reality when he participates in sexual intercourse with a woman, he does not respond in that way anymore. Because of the glamorous female body of her sexual organ porn, their various techniques, artificial sound and behavior, they have made a connection with the brain. As a result, even when his expectations come true, when he doesn't get the glamorous body, deception, artificial coldness and behavior seen in porn, then that joy does not awaken in his feelings. This is called erectile dysfunction (ED). However, this is not only the case for men, but also for girls.


  -> In many cases, one of the two may be addicted to porn or like porn but the other does not like porn at all or is not interested. In that case, the person addicted to porn becomes known to the other person as a person who is tasteless, inferior and without character.


  -> Excessive viewing of porn leads to disgust of men towards ordinary women. As a result, they try to match the attractive body and appearance of the heroines seen in porn with real women. But the beauty of women used in porn is mainly the contribution of plastic surgery, strict make-up and editing. Moreover, the cool sounds they make in porn and the behaviors they do are mainly artificial and they do it for the purpose of stimulating the viewer. In real life, porn addicts are frustrated by not being able to match them. They become lonely and unhappy.


  -> Watching different types of porn at the same time both the sexual interest and test of both men and women change. It was seen that before watching porn or at the beginning of watching porn, a man would be sexually aroused if he saw a girl with attractive looks, but now even if he sees a super sexy girl, he does not have any interest in it. Because his tastes and tastes have changed. She is now leaning towards either gay porn, child porn or animal porn ...


  -> The same thing happens with girls. The girl who used to feel sex appeal when she saw an attractive man before watching porn or at the beginning of watching porn, now it doesn't happen anymore. Because his taste and tastes have also changed. Her interest in normal sex is not created now. He will now need new tastes, new experiences. This is how the rise of many lesbians began. Many are lesbians by birth, but are more responsible for viewing perverted porn and increasing the lesbian and gay ratio.


  -> Regular porn watching masturbation and habit stands. Excessive masturbation increases the health risks of many and later leads to various problems in sexual life. Masturbation is basically a rush by chance if anyone sees or understands. In this way the program is created in the brain from the rapid orgasm. The brain assumes that from now on when e will take part in sexual intercourse, you have to give a quick orgasm.

  So for those who are accustomed to excessive masturbation, the next time you engage in sexual intercourse with a woman, the brain then commands her sexual organs and feeling to get a quick orgasm. The main reason for this is our muscle memory or body memory. Without this body memory or muscle memory no one would be able to drive, play the guitar, master martial arts-judo-karate. Because of muscle memory, people can do these things because of physical habits before they think. This is also known as reflex action. While masturbating, our muscles also automatically create a tension that needs to be exhausted, and the same pressure and time to work with the wife. However, the main reason for the rapid depletion is not just this reflex action or body memory, there is another big reason. That is the Madonna / Hor complex issue. One more note can be written about this Madonna / Hor Complex issue.


  -> Porn and pornography are just as horrible as drugs. Getting rid of drug addiction is just as difficult as getting rid of porn addiction. Due to porn addiction, the relationship with the family deteriorates, attention is not focused on studies, and inferiority is created towards oneself. Moreover, even tasteful friends have to be despised because of it. Those who watch porn, have porn on their mobile memory card, laptop / computer hard disk. Many times these fall in the eyes of family / close people / friends, as a result of which the person in front of them thinks himself small.

  Porn creates many more social, emotional, physical and personal problems that will require a much larger range of writing.


  I know many people will read this post secretly even after writing this post wasting a lot of time and effort, but will not comment or share. Because in our society, the number of people with dhak dhak molasses is high. They will secretly watch porn, talk about the bodies of pornstars all day long, secretly measure the breasts and buttocks of girls in the street-street-school-college-shopping mall, add stories about it with their friends ... There is no problem in making them public.

  But in the light of day, there will be as many problems as there are public discussions against uterine cancer, breast cancer, STD, AIDS and porn.

  It doesn't matter. There is no problem without commenting or sharing. If reading this article brings enlightenment in some people, if it provides food for thought in some people, that is enough for me.

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