Grandmother of Europe

By Red Guy | Red-Guy | 3 May 2020

Grandmother of Europe


By grandma we mean grandma or grandma, that individual. But the grandma of a whole continent? How is that possible? And who is she Grandmother?
Turning the pages of history, we find the names of the two as Grandmothers of Europe, and both are contemporaries. One is Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, the other is Queen Louis of Denmark. Queen Victoria ruled the country, while Queen Louis was married to the Queen of Denmark.

Queen Victoria ascended the throne of England and Ireland in 1836 when she was only 16 years old. She married her cousin Prince Albert in 1840. They married their 4 sons and 5 daughters to different royal families in Europe. Queen Victoria died in 1901, and her grandchildren were described below.

 The eldest daughter, Victoria (named after her mother), was married to Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia, who later became King of Germany. After the death of Queen Victoria, Princess Sophie became Queen of Greece in 1913, the grandmother of the current Queen Sophia of Spain.


2. The eldest son, Prince Albert Edward, married Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Prince Edward ascended the throne of England under the name Edward VII after the death of his mother (Queen Victoria). During Queen Victoria's lifetime, Princess Maud, daughter of Prince Edward, married Prince Carl of Denmark, who later became King of Norway under the name Hakoon-VII (after Queen Victoria's death in 1905). The current Queen Elizabeth of England is a descendant of Prince Edward.

3. The third child, Princess Alice, was married to Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse, and by Rhine. He married the Empress consort of All the Russias and changed his name to Alexandra Feudorovna. They were killed along with their families by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution.

4. The fourth child, Prince Alfred, married Maria Alexandrovna, daughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Their daughter, Princess Mary of Edinburgh, married Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania in 1893, and Prince Ferdinand became King of Romania in 1914, after the death of Queen Victoria.

5. The fifth child, Princess Helena, married Crown Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. Their son, Prince Albert, became the head of The House of Oldenburg in 1921, after the death of Queen Victoria. The Queen, the current King of Norway, the former King of Greece, the current Queen of Spain, the current Queen of Greece, and the husband of the current Queen of England ও also of this dynasty.)

6.The sixth child, Princess Lewis, married Marquis of Lorne John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, who was nominated Governor-General of Canada in the time of Queen Victoria. They had no children.

7. The seventh child, Prince Arthur, married Princess Margaret of Prussia. Their eldest daughter, Princess Margaret (named after her mother), married Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden after the death of Queen Victoria in 1905. Grandmother of the current King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, the current Queen Margaret II of Denmark and the former Queen Princess Anne of Greece.

8. Prince Charles Edward, son of Prince Leopold, the eighth child, is the grandfather of the current King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.


9. Princess Victoria Eugene, daughter of the ninth child, Princess Beatrice, married King Alfonso XIII of Spain after the death of Queen Victoria in 1906. The current King of Spain, Juan Carlos, is the grandson of Princess Victoria Eugene.

During the lifetime of Queen Victoria, her grandchildren lived in different royal families in Europe, so there was harmony among them. So it goes without saying that there were not many wars in Europe at this time. But after his death in 1901, animosity between his grandchildren increased, resulting in the outbreak of World War I. During World War I, the kings of England, the emperors of Germany, Zarina of Russia and the kings or queens of the Scandinavian countries were cousins ​​of each other and they fought against each other.


The second Grandmother of Europe in history is Queen Louis of Denmark. He had three sons  Frederick VIII, the future king of Denmark, Wilhelm who later became king of Greece (named George I), and Valdemer. He also had three daughters-Alexandra, who later married Edward VII and became Queen of England, Dagmar, who later married Tsar Alexander III of Russia, Zarina of Russia (named Maria Fudervna), and Thaira, who married the Crown Prince of Hanover. Queen Louise's children include two kings, a Zarina, a Queen, a Prince and a Crown Princess - she seems to be called the Mother of Europe. Reasonable.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that there are two fathers-in-law of Europe. One is King Louis of Denmark's husband, King Christian IX of Denmark (since his two daughters are married to the King of England and the Tsar of Russia), the other is King Nicholas I of Montenegro, whose daughter Elena is married to King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, and another daughter Jorca. She married King Peter I of Serbia.

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