By Sabingurung | Project | 16 Apr 2020

Bitcoin which is commonly known as BTC was invented by  Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. At that time Bitcoin doesn't use to have much value. mining bitcoins were easy as People could mine 15,16 BTC in a minute. But as the time passes mining bitcoins were so hard that people could only mine bitcoin in decimal or fraction. Bitcoin value is so high now($7000). The people who have mined bitcoins at past have taken greater advantage 

Just like Bitcoin, a new currency has launched now called PI. It follows the same platform and functions of Bitcoin. This currency is completely free to mine, available on both computer and mobiles. Unlike Bitcoin, it doesn't drain battery, No need data or wifi to mine. It's mining rate is 0.20 right now but same as bitcoin it's mining rate will be difficult as the passes of time. It has reached 3.5 million people now and when it reaches 10million people it's mining will go below 0. So I want to inform all the people who are reading this article that if you missed out Bitcoin in 2009 don't miss out to mine this new currency that follows bitcoins footsteps.


Mine PI before mining rate halves. The people who come first have more mining rate so join  fast so that you can mine more Pi. Next mining rate will be halved when PI Network crosses 10 million people.


Join Pi Network

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