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By Sabingurung | Project | 3 Apr 2021

Recently DeFi is going in hype Nowadays.  Almost every Defi projects till now are based on the Ethereum Chain which cost a lot of gas fees ( Approximately $90 ) even for a small transaction. This has led to transaction congestion resulting to give a negative impact on small investors.

So Do you think those projects which cost a big amount of money for just a few amount of transactions could sustainably long last? 

One may think that this isn't a problem if the token we swap has a high demand in the market. But will it be ok to pay such a huge amount of fees from time to time?

Let's say you did a transaction up to 5 times to send your tokens to another wallet or exchange. Then it will cost

=5*90 = $450  for gas fees 

This has made the life of crypto user to left the project behind cause everybody cannot pay this. But that transaction problem can be solved with the use of Binance Smart Chain Network with just a fee of around 1 penny. That being said Mozard Finance runs on BSC

Haven't heard about Binance Smart Chain? 

Well, not a problem. I will tell my views in my next article. But for now, let's say what is this Mozard Finance and how does this work.

Mozart Finance is a deflationary crop growing protocol that uses a variety of technologies to make the DeFi ecosystem sustainability and healthy. Unlike many projects in the market that works in Ethereum, this will live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It helps to solve gas fees on one hand, at the same time solves gas congestion problem leading to faster transactions and more efficient way to encounter problems.     KAS6Wku.png  

So How Does Mozart Finance work

Mozart Finance is leveraging the power of Binance Smart Chain to achieve its goal of building a resilient deflationary DeFi ecosystem. According to the development team, the web will be filled with various modern accepted features that are sure to generate interest at launch. Some of the features are given below :-


Yield Farming

The core functionality of Mozart Finance is its yield farming protocols. The developers have announced that the platform will offer multiple pools that will provide high APRs to investors. It's a better alternative to trading to earn passive income locking your funds in a liquidity pool, and you receive rewards base on daily, weekly,monthly.

Voting Power

PIANO is the native utility token for Mozart Finance. This token is designed to serve multiple purposes within the system. You can farm, play games, and earn extra profit functionalities using this token. Also, you gain voting rights when you hold PIANO to provide users with more control over the platform’s developments. Thus PIANO holders can put send proposals and vote on vital issues on the network. 

NFT Integration

Another upcoming feature to look out for this project is NFT Integration. NFTs are currently a hot trending concept in the market. Holding PIANO and providing LP's User can gain, collect and able to trade Unique NFT's on market.


As part of its comprehensive approach to the DeFi market, Mozart Finance intends to support P2P lending protocols. DeFi lending protocols put you in the shoes of a bank. You can donate your funds to a credit pool and receive interest on your efforts. Best of all, the protocol is set up so that you receive payments on time, regardless of whether the lender is up to date.  


Tokenomics & Allocation

Ticker: PIANO

Contract address: 0xd46936677B2C1Bb696F2b67c55239331E2b7Cd42

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Minted: 100,000 PIANO.

Total production: 9.600.000 PIANO.

Deflationary Mechanism:

1% of every transaction will be burned

50% of the deposit will be used to redeem PIANO


Farms: 61%

Music pools: 30%

Developers: 9%

Marketing: 5,000 PIANO to fund Mozart's awards and ambassadors.

Promotion: $ 10,000 and $ 20,000 PIANO

Road map


  • Urgent priority
  • Deploying smart contracts
  • Unique burn mechanism
  • AUDIT before launch (Immunebytes)
  • Blocking liquidity
  • High-interest rate of growth


  • High priority
  • Second audit after launch (in the first 2-3 weeks)
  • Lottery like never before
  • Mozart NFT
  • Medium priority


  • Decentralized rates
  • IFO (in partnership with other projects)
  • Fully operational exchange
  • Lending
  • Community ideas

  If you would like to take part in a token sale then  

Public presale information
  • Public pre-sale: 55,000 tokens
  • Liquidity lock: 40,000 tokens
  • Marketing: 5.000 tokens
  • 1 BNB = 27.5 PIANO
  • SOFT CAP: 800 BNB
  • HARD CAP: 2000 BNB
  • Maximum per wallet: 20 BNB
  • Minimum per wallet: 0.2 BNB
  • 80% of liquidity will be blocked in 


Mozart Finance intends to find an alternative solution for Ethereum in the DeFi space. The platform intends to offer a complete ecosystem that is deflationary and inclusive. With Ethereum at an all-time high in gas fees, Mozart Finance could prove to be a valuable asset in the future. You can see more detailed information about this project on the website:  

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