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By Sabingurung | Project | 17 Nov 2020

Are you an investor who wants to invest your assets to produce a maximum profit? If you are then you are in a right place. In this article, I will teach you the best way to maximize your money by doing nothing. Read every line one by one before you invest.

There are many ways to make a profit through the crypto world. One of them is by investing in crypto-based mining projects. There are many crypto mining projects in this world. But not all of them can make you a profit. One of the crypto-based mining projects with the latest and best technology that might be worth trying is BTC BAM.


BTC BAM is a new generation mining company located in Vietnam and managed by a group of a professional team which have experienced in the field of cryptocurrency for several years. The project's motto is to create a platform that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to earn through mining. For that it uses the latest technology equipment know as AI (Artificial Intelligence) which monitors, analyzes the current market situations predicting the future price; thus increasing the efficiency of mining and making accessible for a reasonable profit to everyone. BTC BAM allows users to dig any coin they wish to invest without any physical contact or additional costs and give continuous revenue. Users just have to choose a package, invest and take profit while sleeping. All activities such as security, infrastructure, insulation, energy efficiency, installation, device purchase-sale and renewal; everything is carried out by BTC BAM. Thus it removes the barriers of Individuals lacking sufficient capital and equipment investment not making a profit from mining. 


How does BTC BAM mining works?

BTC BAM is mining bitcoin with its blockchain infrastructure through computing power. It uses both pool mining and cloud mining; helping them to validate transaction as fast as they can by sharing the computer power with many devices (mining farms are located in Austria and Slovakia). Also, It makes possible to access mining regardless of any locations without the need for hardware devices. i.e supports mobile mining too.

After Mining from the computer, It distributes the earnings with its users depending on the package that they purchase.

Why Choose BTC BAM?

1) Daily, Monthly, Yearly Return Distribution

Coins earned are reflected in the wallet of the user at the end of each day/month/year. Follow what is earned and securely store the fund in your wallet.

2) Superior Mining Technology

We supply the best and latest hardware for different coin algorithms, achieving maximum power with the best technology.

3) Multiple Coins

The platform supports many algorithms and coin types. The users are aimed to have plenty of option to choose from.

4) Maximum Security

High level of protection is provided against hacking and manipulation while only the mandatory information is asked.

5) User-Friendly Interface

Platform interface, Mining information, wallet are  Simple as it is with minimum effort and time.

6) No Additional Cost

Users have the exclusive mining opportunity and ability to use all the platform features without paying any additional commission.

7) 7/24 Customer Support

With great hash power comes great responsibility. Crypto Mining team is always on your side to make technology accessible and simple.

So How do you get started?

first of all, in order to get started, you need to have a platform where you can invest so

Step 1: Head over to BTC BAM Website and Signup (For investing)

⚠️Note:  Signing up on BTC BAM requires your email and phone number. While signing up you will get a confirmation link in your email; confirm it and log in.

After having a platform for investing you need to have a wallet for storing your cryptocurrency. so

Step 2: Signup on Bitturex (For wallet)

Step 3: Login, deposit cryptocurrency ( You can deposit any crypto like BTC, ETH, LTC)

Step 4: Choose a plan you like, invest it and get daily, monthly, yearly profit depending upon your plan.



                                       Fig: Steps to invest in BtcBam

Plans of BTC BAM

BTC BAM supports various plans ranging from Advantage to Champion. The minimum plan starts from a minimum of 100 Euro and maximum126,00 Euro 

Some of the plans of BTC BAM are given below:-




                                fig: Plans of BTC BAM (excluding champion package)


Joining BTC BAM mining pools yields you an average monthly return of 25%, depending on your mining package. Not only that it also offers you a referral bonus for inviting your friends and family. It gives you up to 10% commission for referring (10%-6%-5%-4%-3%-2%-1%).

Join BTC BAM and Refer your friends to earn more money.

until now I have taught you about BTC BAM Project, how to join and get profit. But now I will let you through the BTC BAM Coin that the platform uses.

BTC BAM coin

BTC BAM coin is the BTC BAM projects' native coin for utilizing the project. It is a deflationary coin. Meaning that its supply is fixed and cannot be minted more than that. Thus It helps the early investor to get a good profit from investing in the coin as its supply cannot be increased resulting in a constant increase in demand leading to increase in price as the time passes. BTC BAM Coin is used for trading pairing with various cryptocurrency. Also, It is useful for online shopping and uses as payment coin through Mastercard/Visacard. 


Coin Name: BTC BAM

Total Supply: 21 Million

Investment or partnership: 10 million BTC BAM ( In first 12 months ) 

Future listing, marketing campaigns and other platforms: 1 million BTC BAM

Exchange: Bitturex , Soon on Coinsbit and Binance (number one top exchange by CMC)


                                            Fig: Tokonomics of BTC BAM



BTC BAM has already achieved the short term goals like Website and Whitepaper launching. Others future roadmap is given below:-

Q1 2020

  •  Introducing the mining system to special groups, Completing the software of the BTC BAM Mining
  • System Initiation of the test processes of the system
  • The integration of the mining system and the trading platform begins
  • Equipment optimization
  • Receiving applications of prospective miners

Q2 2020

  • For equipment optimization, trading platform
  • Termination of pre-applications
  • Publication of the blockchain

Q3 2020

  • Listing on Bitturex and Coinsbit platforms 

Q4 2020

  • The launch of the production process of the second coin 
  • Will be Published on the Binance platform

Q1 2021

  • Establishing BTC BAM Online Store
  • Equipment optimization
  • Mining version 2 transition
  • Doubling the number of exchanges published

Q2 2021

  • Listing in 3rd exchange platform
  • Starting Mining v2

Q3 2021

  • Starting the production process of the 3rd coin
  • Starting the production process of the 4th coin

Q4 2021

  • Establishment of international branches
  • Asia and South America

Q1 2022

  • Providing the continuation of the processes of producing 5th, 6th and 7th coins

At last, I want to conclude that BtcBam is a reliable company and has excellent characteristics. The project is headed by a strong motivated and devoted team combined with a real idea is a guarantee of success. Everything is done well simply and easily. This will make a bright future for the investors and the company as well. All are suggested to join at the earliest. I really think this project is too perfect to be stable.

That's all friends. If you think this article help you then don't forget to tip and follow. If you have any question related to the project you can comment down below or you can directly ask the project owner. Thank you.



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