Call of Duty Tournament by Rapids
Call of Duty Tournament by Rapids

By ChrissCrypto | Rapids English | 4 weeks ago

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Hello, friends Call of Duty Gamers 


You who only live for Call of Duty, to always push your limits, to impose yourself and show that you are and will always be stronger than others, you who only play as a team, and that without your team nothing is possible 

Join the Rapids Team: for its Call of Duty tournament on Saturday 28 October 2019


And show us that you are the best, show us all that you are the best, and that no one can surpass you, because you and your team are capable of anything, all together 

Join us for this tournament, and try your chance to win $250 or equivalent in $RPD  


To do this, nothing could be easier, just have a team of 5 members, and join the Rapids Team on telegram:

Good luck to all, be proud of yourself, be worthy of yourself, and do the right thing for Call of Duty and Rapids 


Thank you all, and may the best ones win!


Christophe WILHELM

Ambassador Rapids France



Writer for : Rapids Network MyCointainer Note Blockchain Minter

Rapids English
Rapids English

Welcome to the Blog of English Rapids community Do not hesitate if you have any questions, I remain at your disposal Sincerely Christophe WILHELM Ambassador Rapids France

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