Top Upcoming NFT Mints You Should Know About

By Pa1n | Rankards | 20 Mar 2022

In this entry, I’ll talk about some of the NFT drops that I’m looking forward to. Please note that I am in no way affiliated with any of them and I have no vested interest in any of the projects in the form of a mint list, free passes, or remunerated otherwise. 

I’m writing this because I know it’s not easy to find new NFT projects and this is something I’ve been struggling with so sharing some information might lead to reciprocity, or at least that’s what I’m hoping for in the long run. 

I’ve so far done longer reviews on some projects I find interesting and you can find them below: 

Particlon: The Project by Charged Particles 

Tubby Cats and How Crypto Twitter Caught Fire

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Anyhow, the projects that I’ll go through are all anticipating their minting. Two of them have revealed their dates and one hasn’t. Let’s dive right into the good stuff. 


Official Discord:

Official Twitter:

I was really torn between numbers one and two, but I guess this one would appeal more to the general public because it’s more relatable. 

Anyways, Ragnarok is building something more than the next generative PFP collection, although when you see the actual art, you’d probably want to use them as your Twitter PFP anyways. 

These are going to represent your in-game characters - that’s right, Ragnarok is building a metaverse-based role-playing game (meta-RPG) and, get that, they have the demo already out and you can check it out here. The game itself boasts simple graphics but is captivating enough and it falls in the true spirit of Web3 experiences, at least in my view. 

This is what the avatars themselves will look like based on the sneak-peeks we’ve had so far: 


These are just some of the reveals, there’s more and you can check them out in the official Discord or Twitter. 

The hype around this project is massive and the reasons why are quite obvious. The team is shipping hard, the artwork is particularly cool and serves a multitude of purposes. These make for awesome in-game characters while also serving as bad-ass PFP for Twitter anons - the full package. 

Another thing that appeals to me, perhaps even the most, is the lore of Ragnarok. Being a long-term manga reader and anime fan (shocking, I know), I’ve always had a thing for exciting lore and the writers of Ragnarok do a great job in capturing and retaining attention. 

The game itself is still just a demo but it looks good already and the community looks nothing but excited to find out what the actual release will look like. In any case, I think this is likely to be one of the most sought-after mints and I’m sure it will sell out in no time. 

There isn’t an official date but based on some older Medium posts, it should have happened in March so I assume the date is getting closer. For this one, you still have a chance to earn a spot on the whitelist - make sure to check their discord to find out more information on how this can happen. 

I will be doing a deep-dive entry on Ragnarok this week, explaining everything there is to know about the project in details, so stay tuned for that - make sure to follow me here and on Twitter so you don’t miss out on fresh content.

Anata NFTs

Official Discord:

Official Twitter:

This one is a bit different than what many people are used to seeing because it’s not associated with a game and it’s not just a PFP. 

Let’s start with the art, although the below screenshot is just a static representation - Anata NFTs are actually dynamic. 


Of course, these are just three of the visuals - there will be a total of 1920 NFTs minted. The core idea is that these are not just static jpegs but dynamic avatars that can be used by vtubers and other content creators who don’t want to doxx themselves. 

To get the full gist of what I’m talking about, please take a look at the following tweet and you will quickly understand how encompassing the whole concept is and how much promise it holds.

The project is backed by well-known CT members and it’s undoubtedly one of the most highly-anticipated events in March. There are no whitelists because of the collection drops on Meta Drop Meta - a platform designed to incentivize fair launch mechanics. 

It will happen on March 24th at 12:00 PST. 

The way the launch will function is a bidding system where the lowest bid is going to be the official mint price. For more specifics and technicalities, you can visit the official Discord or follow the project on Twitter. 


Official Discord:

Official Twitter:

For all of you who like a good alternative-universe type of fiction stories with aliens, distant worlds, creatures yielding mystical powers, and so forth - Particlon is something to look at. 

I’ve already created an in-depth entry on Particlon that you can check above. I’ll do a quick summary anyways. Here’s what the sneak-peeks we’ve seen look like so far: 


It’s different from the anime meta that we’ve seen over the past few months but I do like how the team is approaching the entire thing. We’ve only seen them start being more aggressive with their marketing in the past couple of days which is something to be expected. 

The roadmap seems promising and also the NFTs come with a random number of utility tokens native to the Particlon ecosystem that can later be used to buy weapons and other valuable in-game items. 

The whitelist sale for Particlon will happen on March 29th

The public sale will happen on March 31st

There is still time to get whitelisted there and the mint price is set at 0.15 ETH. For more information - please take a look at my long-form entry.


All of the above are projects that I personally look forward to and will do my best to get a piece of the action. 

I know that’s not a lot of projects but I am trying to do my best to include only legitimate-looking projects that don’t present obvious red flags. With this said, I will turn this into a series and I will try to create a listicle once every couple of weeks based on the projects that I’m following. 

With this said, I really hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to my next entry, which will most likely be on Ragnarok. 

Please know that none of the above is to be construed as financial advice. This content is meant only for educational and entertainment purposes and you should never invest more than what you can afford to lose as NFT trading, as well as crypto trading in general, carries a high risk of capital losses.

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