Earn Extra XRP Monthly By Using Brave Browser Plus Review + Tutorial

By rafaelken1989 | rafaelken1989 | 15 Aug 2020


TAKE NOTE: If you are already using Brave Browser you may skip reading my article, but you can continue reading if you want to. I will appreciate it. 

Are you an online worker like me? Or just a heavy internet user?

Today I am going to talk about getting more XRP even while you just browse on the internet.

Whether you use a PC or Laptop, though I haven’t tried using Brave Browser on mobile phone and I would not suggest. 

It’s up to you if you want to use it on your phone. This article is focusing on PC and laptop users that heavily browse on a daily basis.

I am a heavy internet user! I’m online as early as 6am in the morning up to 10pm in the evening. Oh my, I got more electricity bill haha! I’m thankful already that my internet plan is on unlimited data.

During weekdays, I work as a Virtual Assistant across 3 companies. I maintain my blog website also and monitor my XRPUSD trades on Binance. Thank God I’m busy!

That’s why I need 5 browsers simultaneously! I’m multi-tasker.


But among these 5 Internet browsers, the one that pays me back is the Brave browser! Cool right? Very very cool. This is the first time in my online career since I have started using the internet that I get paid while I browse!

How exactly Brave earnings work?

I been using Brave browser since December 2019 and I had no REGRETS! This month’s mark my 8th. Yikes!

It paid me ever since and on time!

Their mechanics is really simple, when you use Brave browser, random ads but not annoying actually pop up in a small window and I find them good ads compared to those spammy ones we find on most free streaming movie sites that suddenly popping out forcefully. And a hell lot of those ones.

So the money we get from Brave is clean. Advertisers pay for their ads on Brave, and in return Brave will pay us back viewing those ads.

So there’s a similarity with my previous article right? 

Read here if you missed it or want to read again: Get Unlimited Instant XRP for FREE!

How does Brave sends us money?

Very interesting question. This is exactly we’re looking for. The real deal!

Simple answer. They send us BAT tokens every month. What in BAT? This article’s title is “Earn Extra XRP Monthly By Using Brave Browser Plus Review“.

Relax, chill! We just convert them into XRP! How? We use a crypto wallet for both BAT and XRP tokens. Brave browser mandates every users to register on Uphold.

But please download the Brave browser first! Click anywhere on the links below:

Brave Browser Link 1

Brave Browser Link 2

I really appreciate you a lot if you use one of my referral links! Thank you!

After that please visit the website below to register after you installed Brave browser in order for you to setup your wallet (This is where Brave sends you money).

Presto! After you do the steps, congratulations you can start browsing the internet via Brave! Just wait for a month before you can receive money, we can get an average of $2-5 a month depending on how heavy we browse on the Brave browser.

My Proof of earnings in Brave Browser via my Uphold wallet:

This is in descending order.


As you notice, some months I earned small while others are big. It really depends on how often you are browsing the internet via the Brave Browser and how many ads have you seen or clicked. These are just my assumptions on the earning factors in Brave. The highest I earned was on June 2020 while the lowest was last April 2020. Pretty obvious right? 

How to convert BAT tokens into XRP?

Very simple, all thanks to our uphold wallet! All the process happen in our uphold account.

You just convert the BAT to XRP. Folow step-by-step. See images below:

Find this,


Then this,


Then Select XRP card after this BAT is already converted to XRP,


Then then go back in the homepage, select XRP card,


Then finally send your XRP (Converted BATs) to your main XRP bag!


And after few seconds, not minutes not hours like BITCOIN!

I got the XRP from uphold to my main bag!


I got a text message on my phone verifying the XRP transaction. Cool right?


That is why I avoid converting BAT to BITCOIN in my uphold! Stay away!


Why? Because Bitcoin transactions are:

  • EXPENSIVE Transaction Fees
  • 1-6 Hours Confirmation Time. Oh God that takes forever.

I am not against Bitcoin, please if your BTC fanatic, I don’t have any grudges against the so called “Digital Gold“. It’s just that Bitcoin is literally like Gold, more in value, safe haven asset. It has no utility purpose like the XRP. That is why I love XRP in that matter.

Please read my article about XRP vs BTC:

XRP vs BITCOIN – Which is the best cryptocurrency?

To wrap things up:

Brave Browser Advantages:


So fast men, Brave is the same with XRP! I previously talked that I used 5 browsers and those other 4 are very slow! They are like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. No hard feelings please! 

  • BRAVE SAVED MY BROWSING TIME, BANDWITH and PROTECTED me from trackers/hackers and annoying pesky non-Brave ads!


  • Of course Brave give us free money! 

The whole main point why I wrote this article. An additional and extra income for all of us!

So that’s it.

Please free to outburst your comments below if you are against my article or perhaps you like it. I will surely love to hear from you. I might missed out other key information about the Brave browser.

Happy earnings! God bless you all in the LORD Jesus name!

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