Top 3 RC's You Can Buy With Crypto

By | Radio Control | 4 Nov 2019

Crypto Junkies Rejoice! Now your favorite RC hobby is Crypto-Friendly!!

In the world of Radio-Controlled (or remote control) cars,  the faster and bigger, the better.   

Some of these larger RC vehicles can fly, drive, or boat their way around at speeds over 100+mph.   

So whatever you do,  don't call them 'toys'. 

You can't find these real-life scale machines in just any toy store. You have to shop at specialty hobby shops (if your town is lucky enough to have one)  or online.

The only thing cooler than going big and fast,  is not having to spend your hard-earned USD cash on your next RC.

That's why it's good to know an RC hobby shop (like mine)  that accepts bitcoin.  Not only do we accept bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash,  we also ship worldwide!

So,  without further ado,  here are the Top 3 RC's You Can Buy With Crypto ....




Top RC #3 - The Legendary X-Maxx

(& Maxx, His Little Bro)


Coming in at spot #3 on our list,  and for good reason, is the LEGENDARY X-Maxx 8S Monster Truck by Traxxas.

.... and it's little brother, the Maxx...  (10th scale).

Look how badass this monster truck really is:

The X-Maxx is more than just a huge 8th-scale monster truck designed for one thing and one thing only: Bashing.

It's also a legendary monster truck design and platform.

It will take a beating worse than your drunk step-dad could deliver, and looks much better doing it.

It's also faster than most Honda Civics,  without tuning.

It will certainly do zero to 60 mph in about 3-4 seconds... much faster than most real cars.

Coming in at only $899 (on sale) and about $300 in additional batteries and charger,  you would only spend about 0.14 Bitcoin as of today's value.

That's including the shipping to your door!



The X-Maxx's little brother,  the Maxx,  is still not released yet and will be available in the next 30 days or so.





Top RC #2 - The Arrma Kraton


The Arrma brand has become legendary for being fast and strong as hell.   They only make about 10 vehicles or so,  but they make them with love.

These Arrma's aren't small either,  the 1/8th scale Kraton pictured above is almost as big as the X-Maxx itself.

It's also debatable which one is actually faster.

The Kraton however is known especially as a fast basher with better handling/suspension that a monster truck like X-Maxx,  partly due to the Truggy design.

Watch this video to see this thing in action:


Don't let Arrma's young age as a company dissuade you either. 

They have been around for 10 years already,  and since they won the lawsuit broughy by Traxxas,  and were bought out by Horizon,  they have only gotten better with parts available nationwide, and support 24/7 thanks to Horizon.

Perhaps the best part is the price,  for only $549 you cannot get anything bigger, badder, or faster... in any brand... period.






Top RC #1 - The Arrma Infraction (& Limitless)


The Arrma Infraction is a whole new revolution in street-truck speed bashing.  It's a resto-mod style body truck with old school looks,  and a huge 6S BLX motor and ESC inside designed to take it over 80+mph (real mph, not scale) right out of the box.


The Limitless is their same Infraction Platform,  but with a race car/ formula 1 style body:



Both vehicles are essentially the same frame, suspension, wheels, etc. with minor differences.

However the BIG difference is the LIMITLESS comes WITHOUT electronics already inside.  

This is for die-hard racers who want to build their own system

This means it's basically a roller... and at $399 still needs another $500 or so of electronics to complete it.

The Infraction comes with EVERYTHING and is READY TO RUN.

Either way, you will need a Wal-Mart size parking lot and balls of steel to get this thing up to such high speeds.

Check out this video of this Infraction melting the pavement when we tested it out:

So far, we have ordered as many Infractions as they will let us,  and they still are selling out like hot-cakes as soon as they arrive in our shop.

At only $599,  this is by far Arrma's top selling and most requested speed basher of 2019 and early 2020.  





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