2 Ways to get QueerCoin

By amberbyers | QueerCoin | 31 Mar 2022

If you haven't heard of QueerCoin yet, check out this article. It will be used for both DAOs and trading, and is already listed on two exchanges. See below how to get your hands on some $QUEER!

  • Purchase a Founder's Token NFT from DESO, WAX, OpenSea, or Voice. With the purchase of this token you will receive 100 $QUEER to either BSC or Hive. Learn more about this promo from this article.
  • Purchase $QUEER right from an exchange. It is currently listed on PancakeSwap.

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QueerCoin is a Cardano-based token that is meant to provide space for LGBTQ individuals within crypto, and to create DAOs for LGBTQ groups worldwide.

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