***UPDATE ON FIO SOCIAL*** What is really the platform doing so far?

Hello everyone, I know it is been a while that I have not posted anything regarding the platform. I would like to take the chance of bringing the news though it has been working in the past few months already.

FIO Social had new banner to showcase. F-uture I-s O-urs should be remember. So what is really going on? The token is trading at 0.000702 TRX a piece of FSTER as of October 31, 2019. But I will not focus since this is really a small value even the chosen pair has it's own rise and fall, I am referring to TRON (TRX).


The updates are the following:

FIO Social now has 3 running sites to date in addition to the original one, the first social media platform that looks like your ordinary facebook. The addition are the Twitter/IG hybrid platform and the hub for crypto news, FIO News, respectively. Since the inception, I would like to reiterate and reiterate again and again, the platform had never done any ICO's or some sort. But the platform is encouraging more users to use the platform instead. A few days back, well it did some sort of merchandise offering, that is a fact, to have as a buy-back scheme of the tokens.   

A sneek peek on how a hybrid Twitter/IG of FIO Social look like. Image below.


And for the news hub in the image below.


As a way of ending this post, I would like to have the be $FSTER-ize and be $FSTER-fy everyone. ALL hallows too. 



Oh!!! I almost forgot to mention, though the platform had tested to be CENSORSHIP RESISTANT, one reminder though and plea from the developer itself that to refrain from posting ICO's, SCAMS link and some sort of giveaways are halted for good reason. It is for GOOD REASON. If by chance you want to promote such, you may DO so, in your own created groups.

Anyone wants to explore the platform, you may use the following links below.

1. Original platform, FB like>>>CREATE ACCOUNT HERE

2. Hybrid Twitter/IG like>>>SIGN-UP HERE

3. FIO Social news hub, read here>>> READ HERE


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