EOS 2.0 Released
EOS 2.0 Released

  351665157-04a60efe04f16bb08d092178924f25487313895e7af77d521492215446a3b94a.png   Good day people, EOS a top rated smart contract platform has made a major upgrade to its protocol.   EOSIO 2 has been released by Block.one. EOS 2.0 enhances performance, transaction speed, improves security, and adds new developer tools. 

The most prevalent issue hampering the blockchain's development was contract execution. EOSIO was the first blockchain software to use a WebAssembly (WASM) engine to improve performance but it limitations where made evident as scale was put in consideration. 

The four major components included in the EOSIO 2.0 Release Candidate:

  • EOS VM: A high-performance WebAssembly (WASM) engine specialized for blockchain applications that facilitates more efficient use of system resources when processing smart contracts and substantial performance gains.
  • EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE: A powerful, new, self-contained, web-based integrated development environment for building EOSIO smart contracts and associated web applications. It can be set up in minutes, run in any browser, and helps lower the barrier to entry for new EOSIO blockchain developers.
  • WebAuthn Support: A widely accepted secure authentication standard that enables transaction signing without browser extensions or additional software.
  • Weighted Threshold Multi-Signature Block Production Support: A secure way for block producers to use different keys to sign blocks on primary and backup block production hardware.

In conclusion EOS has not only solidified itself as a robust smart contract platform. It showcases the wherewithal to be project to watch 2020 and beyond. Not only does it posses with a strong financial backing from Block.one by but core group of developers and growing list of decentralized applications.   




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