Publish0x Tutorial - Withdraw HYDRO with Exodus Wallet
Publish0x Tutorial - Withdraw HYDRO with Exodus Wallet

By EisbarTraume | publishtutorials | 18 Feb 2020

Hi, I was looking to see if I could withdraw HYDRO to Exodus. 

I couldn't find the asset there. 


I checked on their support page and found this check link below,


I contacted support to make sure I could do it following the instructions on the link above. Here is the response I received when I asked if I could store HYDRO on Exodus. 




I told him about the link above, being able to because HYDRO does have an Etherum address this was his response. 




So there you have it. I don't have enough HYDRO to withdraw at the moment but once I do I will be withdrawing to Exodus just for the heck of it. 


Thanks for reading, have a great week 🙌



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