What is Bela?

What is Bela?

By kisuke | publishcryptonews | 26 Jun 2019

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Bela is a crypto token, similar to Bitcoin, that has real-world value. Thousands of people trade Bela on exchanges like Mercatox.com, Coinexchange.io, and OOOBTC.com. Bela's main use is as the medium of exchange in Belacam.

Bela is a very easy-to-understand cryptocurrency. When you're on Belacam, you don't need to worry about mining, securing your private keys, or other things that make cryptocurrencies a little complex. Do know that each Bela you have is worth real money.

How is Bela worth real money?

Tons of people trade Bitcoin for Bela (and vice versa) every day, and the price of Bela fluctuates against both Bitcoin and the US Dollar. You can track metrics on that here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/belacoin/#markets 

When you sell Bela, you're selling it to another real-life person that wants to buy it. The exchanges help you two agree on a price, which is at the equilibrium point of a Supply-and-Demand curve.


As more users join Belacam, the demand for Bela increases. The price of Bela increases as a result.

As more users purchase Bela to keep to themselves, the real supply decreases as Bela on the exchanges is more scarce. This also increases the price of Bela.

Why use Bela over the Dollar in Belacam?

On a legal level, we understand Bela to be classified as an asset while the US Dollar is a currency. Transmitting a currency through a social media site sometimes requires millions of dollars through licensing and regulations, and transaction fees can be as high as $.30 per transaction. A $.30 transaction fee doesn't make sense for a $.10 'like' on someone's photo. Bela allows us to move value and wealth around the site without much red tape or bureaucracy.




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