Publishing Articles With A Little Help From My Friends In Media And SEO
Publishing Articles With A Little Help From My Friends In Media And SEO

Publishing Articles With A Little Help From My Friends In Media And SEO

Publishing Articles With A Little Help From My Friends In Media And SEO

Publishing Articles With A Little Help From My Friends In Media And SEO

A Little Help From Your Friends

Imagine publishing a stunning article on the Publish0x platform about Mining and Staking, Cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, blockchain or Bitcoin and then discover that nobody even noticed.

I witnessed an article containing unusually interesting information about creating a home-made hardware wallet that mostly fell on deaf eyes and blind ears while a gecko was nearly run over by a pale-amber colored van carrying 22 liters of Pepsi Cola towards the south border of Texas as tumbleweeds gently rolled by.  And, yes, I am aware of how I described the the first two senses that I use on a daily basis.

Timing and promotion are essential in the successful launch of a new article while SEO largely determines what happens to the viability of an article after the legitimate search engine spider bots have encountered and processed the content data.  

Many awesome articles fall by the wayside when not sufficiently promoted after the countdown and launch.  The algorithms that determine the trending popularity of a post will quickly demote an article that nobody is reading or talking about.


It is extremely beneficial to post your articles on all available channels asap after posting.  I generally post my articles to Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Mix and Pinterest.  Instagram and YouTube can be extremely beneficial.  It is a good plan to utilize the Publish0x ambassador widget on external sites and blogs to display articles written on the Publish0x platform.

One of my fan pages on Facebook -  Illusory Realm of Poetry and Enchanted Animated Hearts has 11,893 Total Likes and 11,671 Total Follows making it an ideal place to share my new posts.

I only have 11.4K Followers on Twitter at Alexrms but every little bit helps.

A little help from your friends on social media networks can make all the difference in the world and be conducive to the success of your article.  Posts that people are reading and talking about are lifted high above the posts that collect cobwebs and mold in the cellar.

Algorithms arbitrarily determine the trending value of an article published.  The trending rank quotient is directly proportional to the popularity and reaction that an article generates in the real world.

Sharing To Social Media

Sharing to most social media choices are generally similar although the options vary somewhat.  It is good practice to add whatever options are available to boost your post and define it better.  Always supply a concise description and add pertinent info and hash tags when allowed.

TwitterPinterestFacebookTumblerRedditMix and Instagram are the social media choices I regularly use but there are many others that are too numerous to mention here.  Instagram is important but stands apart from the other social media networks in the group.

Sharing To Instagram

Sharing to Instagram is a little more tedious and involved if the object is more than a picture or video.  Posting from a desktop computer is not available and must be done by a mobile device.

Sharing a website link to Instagram is a little more tedious than sending to most of the other social media choices.

The posting procedure is to procure the image you wish to use for your post if the website post cover image will not be used.  A screen-shot of your website link can work if no image is available.

A post description followed by the actual entire website link and relevant hash tags after the website is what should be included when sharing.

How I shared A Recent Post To Instagram



  • I Opened The Mail On My Mobile Device

    I saved the image to my iPhone camera roll and coped the entire text to the clipboard.



  • Launched Instagram

    I opened the Instagram app and hit the symbol at the bottom to initiate a new share.


  • Added The Image

    The image I just previously saved to the camera roll was immediately shown and was selected for the current post.


  • Added The Text

    I pasted the text that was saved to the clipboard buffer from the email received.  The text included the description, link and hash tags.


  • Tagged The Image

    I tagged relevant users including Publish0x and supplied the geographical location for the post and hit 'SHARE'.  I pasted the text that was saved to the clipboard buffer from the email received.  The text included the description, link and hash tags.


What exactly is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  A blog or website requires content containing optimum optimization in order properly compete with the billions of other sites that exist in the world today.  Even articles on small publishing platform require search engine optimization in order to reach beyond the platform itself.

The application of SEO to published articles is important as the quality of the content posted.  A treasure trove of various literary media is routinely overlooked just because it was never found.

Articles created on a platform such as Steemit or Publish0x are promptly added to existing search engines within a few days exactly as you created them.

All the tags you add in your article are compared to the content and title before being ranked in some secretive algorithm determined by each search engine.

Why is SEO important?

Articles can may contain abundant quality content but never get the opportunity to rank with all the posts that manage to make it to the top of the heap.  It is important to correctly optimize your article so that it ranks high among the millions of other articles that may not be related but nevertheless are in  direct competition.

SEO is important if you really want your article to receive maximum exposure.  SEO is a big deal that directly affects the visibility of every site that is added to the internet servers.

SEO dictates a set of rules that affect the ranking of every website.  Sites that are optimally optimized will fare better than those that are not in the organic search engine rankings. 

Sites that are user-friendly, faster and easier to navigate are the usual direct result of an optimized site.

 Search engine optimization is important because:

  • At least 3/4 of the population that search on Google and other engines are known to click on the top 5 suggested links that appear at the very top of the results of every search.  I know that I definitely do.
  • If you have a web site, blog or online store, SEO can help you get targeted free traffic from search engines.
  • Most people trust the search results that the search engines give.  There are millions of people that use them daily.
  • Websites, blogs and online store that are correctly optimized will get more free targeted traffic from search engines than those that are not. 
  • SEO is ideal for promoting blogs, websites and other sites such as YouTube.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media users are more apt to share a site they found on a reputable search engine.

I will openly admit that scrolling through the popular category list here at Publish0x does not usually go very far except to satisfy curiosity.   I did a search today on Google to see if my recent Publish0x Tutorial was findable and was pleased with the results.   Searching for a short phrase brought me the following results: 

SEO Considerations When Writing:

  • The quality and quantity of content are both important.  Using repetitive gibberish and keyword stuffing in content is not cool and will be flagged by most modern search engines and adversely affect your rank.
  • Always use tags that are relevant to your content.  The tags you use here at Publish0x are your keywords that the search engines use to better process your articles when ranking.
  • Writing more is better than less but the actual amount is not written in stone.  Shorter articles are sometimes necessary depending on the circumstances but will generally weigh less than the articles.  It should be logical that more content may attract more search queries.  The actual minimum is not fixed and depends on the type of content.  Some content requires less explanation to achieve the purpose of the post.  Some content may require graphics, charts and other media while others don't.
  • At least 10% of your article should be written in the passive voice for better visualization and clarity.
  • Always add a few inbound and outbound links being careful not to overdo it.
  • Paragraphs should be under 150 words for the sake of readability.
  • Headings are important.  Always use a few headings.  One possible writing technique that I often use and condone is sketching out a skeleton article filled with headers describing intended content.  It is more easier to subsequently fill in the blank content later keeping everything orderly.
  • Long tailed keywords are better than short.  Your limit of 5 tags can be greatly improved when using short phrases instead of single words.
  • Use large and clear cover images that are easy too see when minimized.
  • Use a catchy title with enough length to be descriptive.  Google cuts off the title at about 40 characters. 


This post does not discuss Cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, blockchain or Bitcoin but provides links to my other articles that do.  Feel free to read some of my other blog posts pertaining to Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Bat and even about crypto wallets.


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