Publish0xTutorials - Enhancing Publish0x Articles With Editing Tools

Publish0xTutorials - Enhancing Publish0x Articles With Editing Tools

Publish0xTutorials - Enhancing Publish0x Articles With Editing Tools

Writing articles on the prestigious Publish0x platform is generally a satisfying and enjoyable process.  The platform is supported by a dedicated group of individuals determined to make rise above the rest

The Intent Of This Tutorial

This new tutorial intends to help fill in some of the gaps that were not available to me when I first ventured into the publishing business several years ago when writing my first two books. The right tool can always make any job a little easier..


The available publishing tools and text editor is generally sufficient for churning out quality articles at Publish0x.  The tools at your disposal need not be limited to what you have available on the platform alone.

Your articles are only limited by your imagination.  Tools are essential for getting the job done.  I will touch upon some of the tools I generally use on a daily basis that allow me to do just about everything a little easier. 

Tools For Writing Articles

The standard writing tools at Publish0x are sufficient, intuitive, and appreciated.  I like to use a variety of additional  external editors when working with text, images and code when creating or editing articles. 

Text Editors

Text editors are fundamentally essential tools intended to set the stage for the literary creation of the publisher.  The importance of the text editor is paramount and should provide a distraction-free environment for the author and supply all the necessary things while writing.

My personal websites on my various domains mentioned below contain much PHP coding and therefore absolutely need a full-featured editor such as Atom or Sublime.

I personally make exclusive use of the open source Atom which provides the luxury of multiple windows and color-coded text with auto-completion which greatly reduces code bugs and writing time.


Each of my articles are also usually written on web-based HTML Editor so that I can monitor the HTML source code on the left half of the page while viewing what the page will look to readers on the right half.

Editing either side of the split-page noticeably and visibly affects the other making it an awesome tool for quickly getting the job done.  Any error in HTML code while writing is immediately apparent on the right side as shown below.

HTML Editor

Graphic Editors

Articles often require graphics to better convey an idea, chart, snap-shot or other intended visual indicator.

I generally always have a few indispensable graphics programs running on my PC most of the time when writing.

GIMP is basically a open-source graphic manipulation tool that I could never easily do without.  I use GIMP to edit my graphics for my articles when resizing, formatting, cropping and other editing is necessary.

A screen-shot of my GIMP, incidentally illustrating a picture of my wife is shown below.



Easy GIF Animator is shown directly below.  It is a great program for creating animations frame by frame as I usually do.

 Easy Gif Animator

I occasionally use Easy GIF Animator for creating animations for my articles, or for reducing the frames of my animations created by using Xara 3D Maker.


Using Images Files For Posts

I generally store and  all my article post graphics in an image directory on one of my servers to ease the burden on the Publish0x platform.  Uploading an image otherwise using the built-in text editor gives no guarantee how the graphic image will be stored.

FileZilla is only one of the many versatile FTP programs you can use to transfer data from your work-station to a web directory as I do.

I prefer FileZilla because of it is open source and easily fulfills all my requirements.

Here is what FileZilla looks like.


Uploading an animated GIF file results in a jpeg pic stored on the platform's delivery network or content distribution network known as a CDN.  I prefer to store my images on my own servers where and when it is possible even though the Publish0x platform can handle the load.

The purpose of the CDN is to maximize network efficiency of file delivery spatially relative to the end users and is not something a writer has to be concerned with.

See my other tutorial article Publish0xTutorials - Transfer And Withdrawal Of Publish0x Earnings regarding the transfer of cryptocurrency earnings to a physical bank destination from an Ethereum source.

just a line

Comments are welcome and thanks for reading!

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Publish0xTutorials Smoljanovic0x
Publish0xTutorials Smoljanovic0x

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