Publish0xTutorial - Creating Articles Containing Colorful Quality Content
Publish0xTutorial - Creating Articles Containing Colorful Quality Content

Publish0xTutorial - Creating Articles Containing Colorful Quality Content

Publish0xTutorial - Creating Articles Containing Colorful Quality Content


I Back and Broadly Bank on the Bold Belief that Bravely Betting on BAT is Basically a Bit Better Bid is an article example written for illustration purposes.

Purpose Of This Tutorial

This tutorial is intended to spark the imagination and ignite the senses opening the portal to creative article content.

Personal experience throughout my career in the field of electronics and telecommunications has shown me that learning is an easier process when example illustrations are used.  Examples tend to fill in the blanks that may otherwise not even be noticed as missing.

A picture is is just as valuable as an example especially when the picture is the example and could be worth a thousand words.  I would even state that a picture says a thousands words if a static picture could indeed talk.

Remember that guidelines are only meant to guide you.  Guidelines are not the ingredients needed to bake an article cake.

Guidelines For Using This Tutorial:

  1. Read and dissect the following article example.
    I Back and Broadly Bank on the Bold Belief that Bravely Betting on BAT is Basically a Bit Better Bid

  2. Understand the importance of isolating paragraphs.
    Avoid scattering the same thought among consecutive paragraphs.

  3. Speak your mind using your own style.
    It is important to stand above the rest by being uniquely the best.

  4. Write your article in a way that has never been done.
    There is not just one way to write an article. Don't be afraid to experiment.

  5. Do not empower fears that can suffocate creativity.
    The fastest way to kill your spark of creativity is to be afraid of what readers may think.

  6. Write in a way you think is impossible.
    Overshooting your writing goals often produces awesome unexpected surprises!

  7. Do not rush to publish your work.
    Save your article as a draft and return a day later to count all the mistakes that were invisible and take time to chuckle at the things you thought were good in the first draft.  Spell checkers often fail.

  8.  Don't publish crap that even you would never read.
    Be honest and put yourself in someone else's shoes.  Your spidey-sense should flag the crap.

  9. Be honorable. Write with honesty and integrity.
    Never take credit for work that is not your own and never share a misleading article. Don't confuse integrity with greed.



I Back and Broadly Bank on the Bold Belief that Bravely Betting on BAT is Basically a Bit Better Bid

Betting On The Brave Bat

Bat 1

I am confidently stepping up the home plate with a large BAT but no longer feel the energy of Ether pulsating in my corpuscles enough to invest with Ethereum nor comprehend the need for the resurgence of Bitcoin.

The Basic Attention Token aka BAT has taken considerable strides over the last several days to my expected lack of surprise. My confidence in the BAT has escalated in light of the overwhelming breakthroughs enjoyed by the Brave team with their new browser and BAT. My batting average with the BAT has been considerable higher than with other cryptocurrencies.

Brave browser and BAT are not just blindly climbing. The BAT seems to be using a technique that uses signal propagation to detect obstacles in its way as it climbs to the higher regions in the cryptoverse.

I back and broadly bank on the bold belief that bravely betting on BAT is basically a bit better than a bid to bet, barter or blindly buy Bitcoin on blockchain.

Brave browser and the BAT are beginning to enjoy worldwide acclaim akin to a cult following. It may be only a matter of time before Brave BAT fans will be dressed as bats wearing Brave uniforms.

I love to read interesting crypto articles at Publish0x to weigh diverse and varying opinions against my own in an effort to broaden my understanding of the cryptoverse.

News Or Views

Bat 2

News updates are designed to update details about new events rather than provide in-depth quality content about cryptocurrency.

I don't depend on the articles here to do the same job as the news media gathered by reporters like Clark Kent. Articles that only provide news updates would fare better at FOX News Network or the Daily Planet in the DC cryptoverse.

Discussing a news update in an article is acceptable as long as the content is sufficiently adequate to make it desirable reading material.

I can source news from the news channels without having to hunt for links pointing to them in some obscure article by an unknown author. I often ponder the motives behind pseudo-news articles and wonder if the carrot was a TIP and not the other way around.

Topic Diversity At Publish0x

Bat 3

The Publish0x teams are successfully recruiting a wide and diverse platform covering an increasing range of topics. Some of the added subjects are already proving to be controversial and will require much finesse regarding acceptability. Controversial issues are often difficult to resolve due to the circular nature of controversy.

Adding new subjects and topics on a platform such as Publish0x is inevitable and will require a delicate balance to appease both authors and readers alike.

Content in the cryptoverse has become much more interesting to me and are replacing the reading choices I previously had.

Prophetic Cryptocurrency Posts

Bat 4

There seems to be a sudden surge of articles at Publish0x that are plastered with faint glimmers of hope and wishful thinking regarding crypto. Many gibberish graphs predicting the rise and fall of crypto occupy the spaces where better articles should exist.

Graphs are important for illustrating statistical information in the form of a graph and not much more. Graphs don't contain built in forecasting capabilities or other psychic features to put you ahead of the earning crowd.   Reading a cryptonic Bitcoin graph does not give you the abilities of Captain Hindsight.

Here is an example of a graph that might be used as evidence to bolster a prediction contained in an article possibly entitled "Psychic Predictions By The Amazing XeLaleX".

Any psychic claims associated with the cryptic reading of a cryptographic cryptocurrency graph would be quickly debunked by the Amazing Randy or anyone else living in the realm of logic.

I will not get out my protractor and analog computer styled slide-rule to analyze a graph to determine what direction Bitcoin is heading because that is not how it fundamentally works.

The direction of the swings is as predictable as the probability of predicting the previous swings correctly every time.

No clever use of mathematics will ever determine the future oscillatory amplitudes of BAT by analyzing prerecorded historical oscillations illustrated on my BAT vs SEK or USD graph.

The wonderfully positive graph illustrated above provides no indication of what the future holds for my beloved BAT.  Analyzing the business dealings and the market impact implications of a particular token or cryptocurrency in the cryptoverse might produce valid reasons to make an investment.

There are many articles out there forecasting the rise and fall of crypto using a graph similar to what is shown above.

I know that misery loves company and suspect that many forecasters just want someone to agree with them rather than provide insight and information about something that no one else knows.

After Thoughts And Mints

Bat 5

The cryptocurrency channel at Publish0x is a great medium containing volumes of diverse information but is also a magnet for regurgitated articles. I suppose regurgitation is OK if you like that sort of thing.

I am looking forward to reading and writing all types of original quality content here at Publish0x.


My, My , Hey, Hey.
I will write things my own way.

The previous article I Back and Broadly Bank on the Bold Belief that Bravely Betting on BAT is Basically a Bit Better Bid is just another example of writing an article that contains content, humor and creativity.

Always persevere and never fear the reaper.

 Bat 6

As always, thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoyed my article.


Bat 7

just a line

Comments are welcome and thanks for reading!

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