[Bounty] LendBTC Decentralized Lending YOUTUBERS BOUNTY 200,000 Token in Pool In



Bounty Details
LendBTC is starting up their new bounty campaign, which will end after token listed. To find out more about their project, you can follow the links above.

There will be 200k LBTC tokens available for this bounty.

1.Account must have at least 100 subscriber.
2.Must subscribe to LendBTC YouTube Channel.
3.Video must be at least 2 minutes long.
4.Must be posted on your own channel in YouTube.
5.Must include our website and whitepaper
6.One submissions per hunter.
reports must be submitted via google forms.

Poor/low: 0-20 Lbtc (may be denied)
Good: 500 Lbtc /500 subscribers
Great: 1000 Lbtc /1000 subscribers

How to Apply: First thing first you need an Bitcointalk account to enroll in this bounty you can get your account here: https://bitcointalk.org/ 

Link to bountyApply here

Little info about Lendbtc token: IBTC token will be swap to LBTC 5:1 ratio They will be handling the swap in 2 simple process read more below.   To move this project forward we are swapping IBTC to LBTC. To avoid what happened last time you will have to send your IBTC to get LBTC so that it will be destroyed. The swap is 5 IBTC for 1 LBTC which mean if you send me your 5 ibtc you will receive 1 LBTC. LBTC will be listed on Mercatox after the swap is completed on mercatox exchange. Mercatox.com exchange will handle the swap for all the ibtc on their exchange and list the new contract. This swap will last for three months to make sure that every body swapped their ibtc to lbtc. 5 ibtc = 1 LBTC 1. Send me your IBTC to this address : 0x9FD6977e609AA945C6b6e40537dCF0A791775279 2. Send me your transaction id in your reply. 3. send me the sender address eth. Note: Your sending ETH address must be the same with the receiving ETH address, Which means you must send your ibtc from your myetherwallet or any wallet you are in control of the private key, don't send from mercatox.com. If you are sending from mercatox i will advice you to first send your IBTC to your myetherwallet.com or any wallet you are in control of the private key, then send your ibtc from your personal wallet to above address.

Fill the swap form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScK8lnsOr8ACaAjEOVkbpsvNrD6LsIT2k4df4FQTQIA2HS5CA/viewform   LBTC Token will be listed at a market rate of $0.30 on Coinmarketcap after the swap completes.   For more info about LBTC token you can join there telegram channel here:https://t.me/ibtctoken  

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