Dark Galaxies CEO: We connect the real world with a virtual game world

Dark Galaxies is a bold attempt to transit a colorful trading card game based on a series of fantasy books - on the blockchain. Why does the developer believe in the success of this approach? This and other questions were answered by Dean Harry, CEO of How Fats Ya Cat Pte. Ltd., the developer.


How do you see your target audience?

We believe the target audience for Dark Galaxies can be broken up into a few different categories:

  1. Battle Players - those players that are most interested in the strategy of the game, creating card decks, and battling other players
  2. Miners - those players that are more interested in mining planets for rewards
  3. Managers - those players that like to collect and manage planets
  4. All of the above!

With a range of playing options and styles, Dark Galaxies attracts a broad range of players across all age groups.


Dark Galaxies is a complex game with many characters. What's the best way for a player to understand the game and begin playing?

The best source of information is our White Paper, it gives a good understanding of the game concept and various aspects. Our Discord also has some good beginner tutorials as well but the best way to learn is to grab a few card packs and start playing and understand each card's strengths and weaknesses.


What is the Play-2-Earn mechanism based on? How much can the average player earn?

The Play-2-Earn features in Dark Galaxies are built in several ways. A player can earn our primary utility token DTX passively by owning land or can earn our secondary utility token DTF by battling other players and mining. This secondary token can then be swapped for the primary token on the Alcor Exchange or used to purchase additional in-game items.

How much a player can earn – it depends on their playing style and engagement in the game, the more a player is involved in the game and plays, the more tokens they can earn.


Could you briefly list what NFTs are used for in Dark Galaxies? Where can they be traded?

There are 4 different categories of NFTs in Dark Galaxies:

  1. Character Cards - these cards are used to build character decks for battling against other players, defending lands, and battling against our AI;
  2. Mining Cards - these cards are used in mining operations to mine the rare mineral Duterium Refined (DTF);
  3. Land Cards - these cards are used to hold in the player's wallet and earn Duterium (DTX) passively;
  4. Planet Cards - these cards prove planet ownership and give the user the right to set and collect taxes from a planet and the lands attached to a planet.


Is there an inflation saving mechanism in DTX and DTF tokens?

The DTX token has a fixed supply of 1 bn tokens. As these tokens are bought, sold, and used they will be continually recycled within the ecosystem. The DTF tokens have a much larger supply however as these tokens are used they will be burnt - both these methodologies should ensure a steady token price increase over a long period of time.


Are there any plans to create a Dark Galaxies metaverse? What are its distinguishing features?

Anything is possible! Dark Galaxies is in its infancy and the team is continuing to develop and explore exciting new opportunities. What sets Dark Galaxies apart is the multiple aspects of gameplay depending on the players' preferred style of interaction. From playing battles, mining, or management, Dark Galaxies has elements to interest many different types of people. The addition of the 2 tokens DTX and DTF creates a unique opportunity to earn tokens in various ways while enjoying the competitive aspects of the game itself.

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