Tezos South-East Asia joins forces with Singapore-based Fintech group RF International Holdings.

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The ongoing push in the fintech industry to digitalize financial markets is accelerating towards blockchain. The obvious goal is to reduce transaction costs and avoid a number of administrative errors, specifically in legal conformity. ERC-20 tokens are very limited for the purpose of enforcing regulations. Tezos, on the other hand, offers Institutional grade smart contracts and makes it possible to enforce security regulations, while accomodating issuers of security tokens further by adding famililiarity in the FA1.2 managed ledger standard. With several issuers that have indicated to launch STO's on Tezos, totaling a value around 3 billion dollars, Tezos South-East Asia just announced to join forces with the Singapore-based Fintech group RF International Holdings. Together they announced to "jointly explore areas within which the Tezos technology can form the bedrock of secure transactions in Digital Assets and Tokenization."
Tezos South East Asia stated that one of the promising aspects of RFIH's interest in Tezos, is
"the adoption of formal verification methods, which help to prove the validity of smart contracts in financial transactions to build trust in decentralized systems. Tezos technology facilitates such methods at the platform layer, so that smart contracts can utilize these inherent benefits right from the start."

This partnership, comes after the announcement of another partnership with an important Singapore based company. Tezos South East Asia partnered with Tribe, which is Singapore’s first government-supported blockchain ecosystem platform. Tribe will run it’s training program for developers on the Tezos blockchain. With this partnership Tezos Southeast Asia pushed an extremely interesting part of that part of the market in the region towards Tezos applications. The training will start in Q1 2020.

About RF International Holdings Pte Ltd:
"RF International Holdings (“RFIH”) is a technologically driven global financial group that centres around Investment Management, Digital Assets, Private Equity, Asset Management, Capital Markets, Credit, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Energy Real Assets and Special Situations, headquartered in Singapore. Helmed by former visionary industry executives from the financial and technology sectors, the team sets out its journey to define the future of the financial market, incubating new digital financial platforms that benefit the community. Its suite of innovative offerings will provide the creation of wealth and sustainability for all. With over 40 years of combined experiences, RF International Holdings aspires to become Asia’s digital financial powerhouse. It is revolutionizing next-generation proprietary digital financial eco-system for the future."

Visit their LinkedIn page here. (Great to see they just added this article to their updates.)

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