Tezos-based "Avis Clients Blockchain" solution, signs new client "Plus Que Pro" with 15 million unique visitors per year

Tezos-based "Avis Clients Blockchain" solution, signs new client "Plus Que Pro" with 15 million unique visitors per year

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 28 Jul 2020

Avis Clients Blockchain provides authentication of customer reviews and secures them on the Tezos blockchain. Customer reviews are an important tool for businesses to gain trust of prospect online customers. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as the reviews of family and friends. But if online businesses can write their own reviews, the system is rigged.
Avis Client Blockchain, has developed a method to verify the customer reviews. Avis uses 15 criteria to analyze customer reviews. Criteria such as intelligible content, absence of confidential information, absence of objectionable or defamatory terms, among other things. The customer review should be the result of a proven consumer experience: no false reviews. The Blockchain Client Reviews team verifies that the collected assessment actually follows a real service, which specifically concerns the author of the review. Every positive assessment results a guaranteed placement of the review, with no exceptions. Once placed, the review is secured on the Tezos blockchain. Reviews can not be altered or removed after this point. Businesses do have the option to respond online to reviews.

Tezos DigiSign
Avis Clients Blockchain uses "Tezos DigiSign, an open source solution developed by Sword Group with the technical support of Nomadic Labs, research laboratory and development of the Paris-based Tezos protocol, and the specialized Blockchain consulting firm EZ." - Source 


Plus Que Pro
Plus Que Pro provides a rating service based on customer reviews and will be using Avis Clients Blockchain solution to improve the credibility of their rating service. Plus Que Pro is a giant in the customer review business, with over 15 million unique visitors per year. Plus Que Pro now offers "Strict and rigorous review of opinions by a dedicated body, Avis Clients Blockchain.

Grégory Regouby, President and co-founder of Plus que PRO comments: “ We actively follow all the solutions that can allow us to provide better service and Blockchain technology has become obvious. Plus que PRO thus retains its position of reference and innovation that we have been able to acquire over the years in the consumer experience market, to secure its purchasing path and ensure its satisfaction. " - Source 


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