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By N3tty | Publish0x Community | 1 Apr 2021

How do we get to know someone who just met somewhere? You will start the chat by asking the name of that person. That way you will know that that person can be called by what name. So am I. You can call me by calling Netty.

Then, you will ask if that person is from? Does that person live in the same city as you? Is that person from another city? So you can know clearly that the person you are talking to is a person from your city or another city. How about me? I am currently domiciled in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

After that, you might offer to drink coffee or tea or juice or whatever. You guys talk about what is being done right now. Does he work here? Or is he a person on a business trip or is he a person on vacation? If I? I am a woman with a dream to become a teacher. I love being a teacher and educating children in school.

You know, teachers are a noble job. The teacher gives all the attention to the students so that students gain knowledge, ethics, and good behavior. Thus, the teacher is a hero, that is, a hero who has no merit. Teacher's greatness will emerge when students get their dreams. At that time, the teachers will be happy.

What next? You may ask what the person likes? As for me, I like to travel, I like vacations, I like seeing unspoiled areas. Cool air. Green plants. The sound of the waves on the beach waiting for the sun to set. I like the green mountains and flower gardens. I love all of that. By enjoying the beauty of nature, we can get positive energy.

Did you know, someone will ask again to new people. Is she a woman who is still alone or the wife of a good man. How about me? Yes, I am a wife. Housewives who like to cook. I love looking at the menu in search engines and starting to cook anything for me to enjoy with my husband.

Greetings and let's be friends.

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Publish0x Community
Publish0x Community

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