Come and join our RFND Tipping Party this Saturday on Telegram!

Come and join our RFND Tipping Party this Saturday on Telegram!

By psychonautrip | psychonautrip | 28 Aug 2020




Hello Publish0x community, I'm pretty excited to present you this amazing party!


This is the second tipping party we will have and I'm pleased to invite you, here are so many tokens waiting to be given away and surely many of them will be for you!


The first "RFND Tipping Party" was a success, and of course this will be better. 🤑🤑


Do you want to participate? You just need to follow these steps:

1. Become a member in our Telegram Group

2. Maintain a respectful party attitude

3. Just get ready your crypto bags.


We will be gifting multi SLP tokens in our Telegram Group and these are all the tokens you could receive during the party: 

Honk, Maze, RFND, Spice, and RNEW. A good amount of each one will be distributed among all those who attend.. Just to let you know, 10 million RFND will be shared during the party! Do you have idea how much is that amount? Each RFND token is around 1.73 satoshi right know. I challenge you to calculate the amount without a calculator!


1. After party, you have to withdraw it to a valid SLP addressYour funds ar not safe on Mintbot, or Telegram.

2. You have 2 options:

A) If you want to hold, which is a very good option; I recommend you to pick one of these wallets:

Electron Cash Wallet with SLP Extension

B) if you want to sell them, just sign up on and sell.


Don't lose this amazing opportunity, is your turn to be part of an amazing project and keep updated on upcoming activities. We will be waiting for all of you.

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Hello people, I'm 25 years old, singer, musician and natural medicine student.


Hello, I'm a musician, blogger, in love with natural medicine and cryptos. I will be posting about consciousness, technology, cryptos, my own music and my experiences with natural medicine.

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