Don't miss out on Glitchr.

Don't miss out on Glitchr.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 20 Nov 2020

After their OVERSUBSCRIBED presale that reached the 750ETH hardcap in less than an hour, Glitchr has now been listed on Uniswap. It's fallen a bit below presale price die to presalers dumping for a quick 2x, so for anyone that has been eyeing it for a possible entry, this is the BEST time to scoop some up.

But why should you even want to buy Glitchr? Why not just buy any other cryptocurrency?

There's one reason, and one reason only. YOU get to build Glitchr.

As weird as that might sound, hear me out.

Glitchr is based on a market that hasn't matured yet. It's based on the eSports market. 

They are building crypto solutions to eSports problems, and as you might have noticed, they're the first and only crypto company to do that.

But while that's all well and good, it still might not justify you buying Glitchr.

But what if YOU could build the eSports crypto empire you would like to see? Well, that's possible with Glitchr!

See, Glitchr has this thing called governance. Governance allows holders of the cryptocurrency of the platform to CREATE and VOTE on proposals that will dictate what direction the platform moves in next.

For instance, you could create a proposal that says to "launch on Binance". Other people who like the idea would vote FOR the idea, while people who are not sure about if that's the next step would vote AGAINST the idea.

Whichever option has the most votes after the voting period will be implemented. Easy as pie.

So how do you vote?

It's simple actually.

You just have to:

  • Buy some DIE here. DIE is the official governance token of the Glitchr ecosystem. You'd need it to create proposals.
  • Head on into the Telegram group here.
  • Join the proposal group from the telegram group. The proposal group is kept private so only DIE holders can make proposals. This is to ensure that competitors don't destroy the project through making proposals that would not benefit the project.
  • Create a proposal. Other users will deliberate on the proposal. If your proposal gets chosen, it is then added to the voting platform.
  • Deposit your DIE tokens into the "FOR" pool. So if your proposal is to "create a game", you'd have pools like "FOR" and "AGAINST". Deposit your DIE into the FOR pool if it's your proposal.
  • Wait for the voting period to expire. It's usually three days, but could be shorter or longer.
  • Withdraw your DIE after three days or after the voting period has expired. No fees required.
  • If your proposal got voted for, you have just shaped the future of the project!


In my opinion, this is a great idea, and one that every project should have. Making decisions shouldn't only be done by the core team. The project is only as good as the community, and for one in an untapped region like eSports, this is a big deal.

You could be part of the biggest eSports company's decision board, all by voting!

But why should you bother voting anyway?

Here's a few reasons.

  • Glitchr is building an eSports solution powered by crypto. If you've noticed, they're the first and only crypto powered company to address this issue. This is a BIG DEAL.
  • Glitchr is 100% community driven. This means that the community decides what happens next in the company's life cycle. This is HUGE as well, because it's the first community driven cryptocurrency that is based on eSports.
  • You get to shape the first crypto powered eSports solution. If that isn't cool, then tell me what is.😁

Join the telegram group here for more information.

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